Lanterns: Trump Needs to Clean House


Trump Needs to Clean House

This is something to think and pray about. I am wondering if someone that hires a CAIR Islamicist to work in the NSC really understands the geopolitical global situation America is facing. I would have expected that from Obama, but not a Trump appointee. To compound matters, McMaster's firing of the only people who were truly nationalists is also quite disturbing (three thus far).

I pray that Steve Bannon and General Kelly will be able to understand the noose that is being prepared for Trump's administration by the NSC. Trump needs to clean house before that noose is tightened and he needed to do it yesterday. He has a wolf guarding the henhouse.

Those leaks will never stop until Trump cleans house of all Obama holdovers and the establishment globalists that are trying to stop his America first nationalist agenda upon which We the People voted him into power.

Written by Henry Patino

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