Lanterns: We Are the Invasive Species


We Are the Invasive Species

This morning as I opened the curtains, I noticed a beautiful coyote fully coated in shades of gray directly across the street standing on the sidewalk. I watched it for a good amount of time before it turned its head toward the sound of two joggers coming down the path. It slowly walked into the forest.

There has been a lot of ruckus by the residents of this area about the coyote. They are concerned about the safety of their children and pets. They call the police, and post sightings on the neighborhood website to warn others.

One thing I've learned since living here so close to raw nature is the day belongs to people, the night to wildlife. So, let it be. 

At night, the sound of the yelps and howling of the wild animal fill the air especially when the high pitched emergency vehicles sirens are blaring. Other times, it is their cries of joy over their catch of prey. Some people cringe at that sound, and while it is sad, some poor deer or squirrel is dinner...they must eat also. As a caring person, it does bother me to hear an animal crying as it is being killed, but it is part of the cycle of life.

I took my dog for her morning walk along the bike path that runs along the woods across the street. I noticed the burned-out patch of brush and the piling up of trees cut down by the volunteers that come out every weekend to clean up the invasive trees that are growing. The smell of the burnt wood lingered in the air. 

I wouldn't care so much about the "getting rid of invasive species, 5" but there doesn't seem to be an effort to re-populate the area with new mature growth.

I've lived across from this forest for five years now, and I've noticed the wood's density shrinking, the deer walking the neighborhoods in greater numbers, and more coyote sightings. What was once a beautiful forest is now wide open area. Where do they expect these animals to go? Or should they all be killed to keep people happy?

I wondered what is invasive exactly-- when a group of individuals decides something is encroaching they decide shouldn't be? Has nature not survived during the existence of Earth? Invasive is a convenient self-serving man-made term.

I believe that WE are the invasive species. We've destroyed wild prairies, cut down forests, filled in streams, paved over wetlands, and now are upset and worried when nature needs to come into what we consider OUR area to survive. I say WE must adapt to their lives for they were here first.


Written by David Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feeling.

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