Lanterns: We Can’t Bridge the Ugly Divide in America


We Can’t Bridge the Ugly Divide in America

We’ll not bridge the ugly divide in America, not without a cataclysmic event.


Life is gloomy these days. Bad news seems to be the only kind of news good enough to print. Puerto Rico is in terrible shape, in need of everything from basics like food and water to infrastructure. In Mexico, the death toll has risen to 337, including 198 in the capital, Mexico City. Houston, Texas will take years to recover completely from Harvey’s impact, and FL will be cleaning up for a while. The fires out west devastated huge areas, consuming thousands of acres in their path.

For the many millions unaffected by these natural disasters, life goes on. They contribute to a Hurricane Fund and they’ve done their duty; maybe, they donate some diapers or canned goods to a truck going to a hard hit area. Before long, those in need are forgotten, and it’s on to the next salacious scandal or protest brew-haha occupying the headlines of major publications and websites. Frankly, it’s exhausting.

Bottomless Pit of Despair


There is no end to the conflict and angst around us. And let’s face it, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. It must be because none of this existed prior to his inauguration. Everything was roses and pearls, and sunshine and unicorns. In fact, we haven’t seen anything close to this level of unrest since…George Bush. He sure did screw stuff up too; after all, Obama spent his first four years telling us about the mess he inherited.


The Left is like Chinese Water Torture; the Media, Hollywood, and Academia foisted their narrative upon us, drop by drop until half the population of the country was so saturated and imbued with propaganda, there was never a question of its validity in their minds. Collectively, these three institutions, the mainstays of mass communication, hold the reins of power over the people. It is so simple, insidious, and easy to miss for those not paying strict attention.

Wake Up!


Sadly, only a small segment of Americans are really paying attention. In fact, considering the freedom we have to control our destinies, relatively few embrace the privilege to cast votes on Election Days, to choose our leaders. This is the saddest truth in America. When will people learn? Votes count, a truth that the previous Election Cycle should have made plain. Nobody on either side of the aisle thought Donald Trump could win. The Right and Left were both positively shell-shocked. The most amazing part of it was, the right was badly fractured. He managed to squeak by Hilary Clinton even with the Republican Party in splinters.

The Cavalry Has Arrived


This is great news for Conservatives, even those not terribly enthralled with our President. We’ve heard for years about The Silent Majority. Many of us were beginning to doubt they existed, until they showed up at the polls last November en masse, and let their votes shout out their displeasure. The great mystery is why it took so long to get them to act? Why wait until the country is on the verge of Civil War to get up off their butts? It’s the “Big Tent” getting in the way. Evangelicals tip the scales one way or the other.

The other issue that needles my brain on a daily basis is how can this country ever return to the days when folks discussed and debated politics like civilized human beings? We’re so far beyond the line we used to respect in terms of how we treated each other. Rational voices are too few, and they’re easily shouted down by the loudmouths.

Cue Caption Obvious


Although we hear ad nauseam about how horrid the right is, the most noxious, debased and loathsome talk consistently comes from the left. I’ve hesitated previously to state that definitively, and even though it distresses me to say it, I can’t dance around it any longer. True conservatives denounce that type of personal attack. I’m not saying it doesn’t ever happen on the right because that would be lying. However, it doesn’t garner respect on the right the way it does from the left. Conservatives live and die by fact-based argument, not personal destruction.

Sadly, the Left sees us not as individuals, but as a cancer on society. We look at the Left the same way truthfully, but there are a great number of us trying desperately not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s an uphill battle, to say the least. Liberals consider themselves morally superior in every way, but it is they who yell and scream emphatically, who unceasingly contradict themselves. The paradox is not evident to them, and I can’t figure how they’re unable to see it; I’ve concluded they are just unwilling to look. It comes down to willful blindness because technology makes it easier than ever before to find the truth.

I’m Tired, Boss…


Like John Coffey in The Green Mile, I’m tired. Tired of trying to have a reasoned, logical conversation with a liberal. Tired of looking to see all sides of an issue, when they won’t even try. Tired of banging my head on the Democrat wall, tired of being screamed over and harassed, and tired of lies and protests. The perpetual fighting will worsen. For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction— Newton’s Third Law of Physics, proving only something catastrophic stands a chance of making this foolishness end.

My consolation is that The Silent Majority is starting to contest the pomposity and arrogance pervading the Liberal mindset. They’re standing up, they’re shouting back not only with their voices, but the way they spend their money. As the Left continues to ratchet up their cacophony of screeching, flyover country becomes increasingly emboldened to speak through any means necessary. It’s having an effect.

Now, we’ll need to make it happen for important issues, and not just football games.



Written by Julie Custer

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I love your ability to jump right into a subject and develop your position quickly. The work is tight and focused and emotional. Looking forward to more. You have a new follower Miss Julie!

Why, thank you kindly Ben Coleman! I’m a fan of yours as well, and a pat on the back once in a while is lovely. ??

The pleasure is mine M'Lady. And you are very welcome.

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