Lanterns: Ramadan: A Call for Violence, Now Celebrated by American Media


Ramadan: A Call for Violence, Now Celebrated by American Media

While Americans are in the midst of celebrating a three day weekend capped by Memorial Day on Monday, the Middle East and other countries heavily influenced by the Islamic faith are focused on their holiest month. Ramadan began Friday, which is the equivalent of Holy Week and Advent combined for Christians. With the arrival of Ramadan comes a slew of festivities and traditions for Muslims, including refraining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. 

One would think that most of the news coverage in the United States would go towards honoring the fallen veterans who have preserved the liberties Americans enjoy. This, however, is far from the case. 

CNN, an American news network based in Atlanta,  made the glorification of the month of Ramadan a top priority Saturday as three of their main headlines on their website were devoted to the holiday. They also featured Muslim leaders on portions of their news broadcasts in an effort to reconcile the damaged reputation of the holiday among many Americans who are growing weary of Islamic terrorism fueled by the religion’s tenets. 

The purpose of Ramadan, according to Imam Suhaib Webb, is to re-establish a connection with the Muslim god, as well as to practice the discipline of fasting. Symbolically, it is about the life cycle, as described by Webb. 

Every day of Ramadan reminds us of our life cycle. We start the day strong like we’re very young, we’re ready to go, but by the end of the day you get very weak and you’re reminded of your death. And then you break your fast and that reminds you of paradise. 

Faith, prayer, pilgrimage, charity, and the month of Ramadan are the five pillars of the Islamic faith, underscoring the significance of this month. Modernized Muslims are at least nice enough to tell the rest of the world that they don’t need to fast with them, as is stated in CNN’s Ramadan for non-Muslims: An etiquette guide

Still, as is the goal of the liberal media and Muslims everywhere, demanding respect for the holiday and the faithful followers to which it is significant requires an unreasonable request to submit to the 2.1% of Americans who are Muslim and hold their holiday in as high of regard as our Memorial Day. 

CNN had a hissy fit over Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s decision to decline to host a Ramadan reception, a bipartisan tradition that the previous five occupants of his office faithfully carried out. 

The network issued a skewed report, clearly troubled by the inequality of the White House holding other religious events, yet declining to do the same for this Muslim celebration. 

The White House and State Department commemorate other religious traditions, including a Jewish Passover Seder, as well as Christmas and Easter holidays. But the Ramadan event, usually attended by members of Congress, diplomats from Muslim countries, Muslim community leaders and top US officials has become a symbol of US efforts to engage with the Muslim world.

However,  they hardly spent any time covering Friday morning’s attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt, which killed at least 28 and injured an additional 25. Despite increasing attacks, it is no coincidence that the Islamic State inspired this attack on Ramadan’s opening day. It is also not a mistake that the media virtually ignored it altogether. 

The holy month of Ramadan serves multiple purposes for Muslims. However, as described by the Middle East Media Research Institute, the violent aspect of Islam is emphasized during the month-long celebration.

The commandment of jihad, which is of supreme importance at all times, assumes even greater importance during this holy month and gains precedence over all other commandments. 

The extra incentive to commit these acts is also detailed, explaining exactly why the violence in this particular month reaches its peak. 

On Ramadan Allah grants fighters special strength, despite – or rather by virtue of – their fasting. Those who gain martyrdom during the month of Ramadan are doubly rewarded in Paradise.

To some, jihad has either some sort of symbolic or metaphoric meaning and is not taken literally. Ultimately though, Islam is the only religion which openly advocates for the destruction of non-believers by way of violence through credible religious leaders and the Quran. 

Of course, the left will still argue that only a very small percentage of Muslims commit violent acts. In that statement alone, they are correct. It is quite troubling, however, though not statistically proven, that there seems to be a lack of condemnation for the actions taken by radical Islamists by nonviolent Muslims. One would think that the war against radicalization would start with peaceful Muslims. But then again, assuming that adhering to their holy book is an integral part of their faith, confusion over why Islam could be considered a peaceful religion is justified. 

Regardless, it is evident that the American media is more and more into promoting Muslim holidays. Maybe it’s the 1% increase in the Islamic American population, or maybe it’s an effort to normalize Islam and integrate it into the United States as a fundamental faith which has political implications. And, as Americans are well aware of, the liberal media is always politically motivated. 

So beware when propaganda such as what was dominating CNN on Saturday is shared. Portions of truth will be sprinkled in, of course, but the overarching globalist and multicultural agenda are the driving forces. 

As for Ramadan, the celebration will conclude on Saturday, June 24th. That leaves just under a month for terrorists to strike and be “doubly rewarded.” For civilized society, it puts us a bit on edge. Assaults on western values have become far too common. But not all of us. Some of us, unfortunately, are far too engrossed by a political agenda which transcends common sense and public safety. 

Written by Jonathan Goehring

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