Lanterns: Is the Left Guilty of Sedition?


Is the Left Guilty of Sedition?

There’s a reason why we find it so difficult to deal with the Media (which Trump advisor Steve Bannon rightly calls “the opposition party”), the Democrats and leftist protesters. Our mistake is thinking that their attacks on President Trump are meant to show how unwise we were to elect Donald Trump when we could’ve had the uber-left woman that destroyed Libya as president. Or maybe they’re just sore losers.

No: The truth is, they’re trying to destroy the Trump presidency and trying to prevent his reversal of all Obama’s anti-America initiatives, something the new president is showing every sign of doing. Since Election Day, when we voted to have precisely that done, this group—let’s just call them “The Left”—has declared a holy war on the Trump voters and our American system.

This has been evident since the same people tried to beg, persuade and threaten Trump electors to vote against him—something that’s never before been done. Then, they rolled out the scare that the Russians had interfered in our election by exposing things like Donna Brazile’s giving Clinton debate questions in advance, while she worked for CNN. Two simple facts are clear:

  1. If Putin did help cause Hillary’s defeat, he should get the Presidential Award of Freedom.
  2. The Left is the enemy of America, and should be treated as such. (Yes, that includes Democrats that vow to resist the elected president at all cost.)

On Inauguration day 230 protesters were arrested in Washington DC and charged with felony rioting, a federal rap punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. “Protesters smashed the windows of an emergency vehicle as well as windows at a Starbucks and two banks and set fire to a limousine, court documents said.”

Now, leftists like Harry Belafonte are calling for making America ungovernable:

Just as the Republicans and the Tea Party made Barack Obama’s term ungovernable, I think we, citizens of the union, have the capacity and the responsibility to make sure that Trump’s philosophy and his view of life and fellow beings does not endure. And I will spend what time I have left on this good earth to make sure that I have contributed all that’s at my disposal to make him unworthy.

Of course, it’s a lie that Obama’s term was made ungovernable by Republicans: The very first thing Mitch McConnell did upon becoming Senate Majority Leader was to fund Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional amnesty (DAPA), when he could’ve used the reconciliation rule to defund it. The House went along.

After that, McConnell worked hard to end a filibuster against Obama’s Attorney General pick, Loretta Lynch, achieving her confirmation. Later, both chambers gave Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted, in the Omnibus spending bill, including funding to bring in the unvettable Syrian refugees.

The House could’ve used its Power of the Purse to defund ObamaCare or both Obama’s illegal amnesties anytime. That’s the authority the founders gave the House for the very purpose of stopping an overreaching president. The GOP-controlled Senate spent the last two years allowing the Democrats to virtually dominate the chamber with filibusters or threats of filibusters.

There’s no question the Left—including the celebrities who speak of “blowing up the White House,” are socialists seeking the same thing Obama sought: the profound diminishing of America and its removal as a world power, with the completion of its “fundamental transformation.”

The refusal of congressional Democrats to cooperate with Republicans, backed up by a Media onslaught against the president, plus incessant street protests, are part of a larger movement to fight the Trump Administration's initiatives, with the ultimate goal of turning America into a socialist entity. There’s another element in the movement.

Six days after the election, a group of mega-rich far-left donors held a meeting in Washington sponsored by the “Democracy Alliance” donor club, reported Politico. The group of over 100 includes mega-donors like real-life Bond villain George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Donald Sussman, plus “major labor unions and liberal foundations.” Dark stars of the left like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison attended the meeting. The Alliance spends hundreds of millions every year to support leftist candidates and causes.

A major focus of the 2017 meeting, Politico writes, was to “take back power” and “focus on thwarting President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan, which the [meeting] agenda calls ‘a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements—and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.’” Do check out “Trump’s First 100 Days,” scheduled at 4:15 pm.

In other words, even though Hillary Clinton did not get elected, the Left will fight to carry out her program through strikes and street actions. There are shadowy groups working on this right now.

“We cannot and should not legitimize the transfer of authority to a right-wing populist who has neo-fascist orientations,” activist Kali Akuno told AlterNet, a far left website, over the phone. “We shouldn’t legitimize that rule in any form or fashion. We need to build a program of being ungovernable,” he said.

AlterNet is the same website that called for disqualifying large numbers of Trump electors.

“As the co-director of the Mississippi-based group Cooperation Jackson and an organizer with the nationwide Malcolm X Grassroots Movement,” says AlterNet, Akuno aims to form a group large enough to thwart the new president.

Movimiento Cosecha plans a general strike to support “permanent protection, dignity, and respect of immigrants.” AlterNet writes that “Akuno’s, organizations “strive for self-determination for people of African descent and the eco-socialist transformation of society as a whole.” They plan “a program of noncompliance and noncooperation on both the federal and state levels.”

Their particular target is civil servants, chiefly on the federal level, “to not comply with arbitrary laws and policies that are going to be created,” said Akuno. He calls on civil service employees “to not recognize the laws we know are coming that will discriminate against Black people, Latinos, immigrants and queer people. There is no need for anyone to comply. Let’s not give it legitimacy just because it’s the law.”

According to AlterNet, this is already happening. It reports that “some Department of Energy officials are refusing to comply with a Trump administration demand to hand over the names of all of the agency’s contractors and employees who have worked on key climate policies under President Barack Obama.”

Akuna wants to “build prolonged acts of civil disobedience that lead to a general strike.” AlterNet writes that “organizations across the country are actively discussing such a possibility.” His Cooperation Jackson group e-mailed materials to AlterNet “explain[ing] that its approach is ‘premised on ending our systemic dependence on the hydrocarbon industry and the capitalist driven need for endless growth on a planet with limited resources.’”

There’s a name for trying to prevent the government from governing and seeking to overturn our political system: it’s called “sedition.”

According to USLegal.comSeditious conspiracy is a crime that is committed when two or more persons conspire to forcibly: a. Destroy or overthrow the U.S. government; b. Create obstacles or prevent the execution of U.S. laws; c. Oppose the authority of the U.S. government; or d. Unlawfully possess or take property that belongs to the nation. To be exact, 18 USC § 2384 says:

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

Clearly, congressional Democrats who, under Senate rules, resist changes the GOP wants to make are not guilty of sedition, but they are partnering with those who seek to make America “ungovernable.” The latter do appear to be guilty of sedition.

Knowing this, congressional Republicans should use all the tools at their disposal to undo what the Left has done to America for the past eight years. That includes wielding the “nuclear option,” to allow Republicans to confirm appointees with a simple majority—something Harry Reid already established in 2013—and extending it to confirming SCOTUS appointees and passing legislation. It is simply intolerable for the minority to continue to dominate the Senate.

It's also intolerable to do nothing to rein in individuals and groups who seek to destroy our civil society.

We have a golden opportunity to undo the changes wrought by the Obama Administration and to set our nation back on course. But to accomplish that, we first have to recognize the forces arrayed against America, and begin to treat them like the enemies they are.

Written by Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett, a NY-based writer, has written op-eds for the WSJ and a cancer medical journal; op-eds and travel pieces for the NY Post and a cover article for the Jewish Press. He has also appeared with his wife on Fox News, discussing Obamacare.

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