Lanterns: For Such A Time As This


For Such A Time As This

My heart is in Louisville, KY this week for the Operation Save America conference. Below is the video explaining the event that is happening now. I wasn't able to make the trip this year, but I am confident that I can make an impact just as much as all who are in my birthplace. I believe that you can, too!

Perhaps, you've heard of the recent blockage of the clinic in Louisville? I've posted about being a prayer warrior on and off the sidewalk for Pro-Life Action Ministries. My good friend, Michele Herzog, just posted from Louisville, yesterday! What an impact that is happening because of their courageous stand! She is a true Esther!

Here is an Open Letter that I promised Rusty Thomas and my friends that I would share with you. I pray that you will read and share it, as well:

I must point out one paragraph, in particular, that is so essential for us to remember and understand as we consider the case of Charlie Gard, a name we all know as well as our own because of the "I AM CHARLIE GARD" campaign:

Thomas Jefferson, who penned the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, responded to the false idea that the Supreme Court was the "final arbiter" of what is or is not constitutional. He stated, "The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots."

Unbelievably, these courageous warriors who would actually block or at least sacrificially and constantly plead to stop the murder of innocents in the womb (who have human DNA but no voice to defend themselves) have been charged with crimes while the monsters who profit from their slaughter are protected! This is the tyranny that Thomas Jefferson warned against!

This morning, I shared the post from LifeNews article titled "Congresswoman Whose Baby Miraculously Survived was Behind Granting Charlie Gard U.S. Residency

I was so excited that not only has President Trump spoken up for this little boy in another country, our nation actually opened our arms to receive him! Unfortunately, by the time I woke up from a short nap this afternoon, I was welcomed by a video by Jonathan Dunn, an activist in Ireland reporting that just as predicted, a judge has usurped his authority!

Granted, this judge is not American, but as we can see in the case of The Center for Medical Progress where undercover journalists exposed evidence of the sale of baby parts, they have been gagged and fined because, God forbid, we should actually stand against those who would profit from barbarism so that they could purchase new Lamborghinis! In fact, we should all be happy to fund the ongoing access to murderers-for-hire in America!

If you're still not convinced that this is "Such a Time As This" and each one of us is Charlie Gard, then you remind me of Morla from "The Neverending Story:”

“We don’t even care whether or not we care.”

If you’ve been napping, it’s time to wake up! I'm praying that you will speak up, today—  our lives depend on it! Trust me, just being born in America is a privilege denied to many in the name of our national idol: convenience. We were born for such a time as this!


Written by Christine Hammett

Chris Hammett is a contributing writer for the Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives Media Group.

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