Lanterns: BREAKING: Shots fired on Capitol Hill


BREAKING: Shots fired on Capitol Hill

ABC News is reporting that there have been shots fired near the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC. A female suspect reportedly struck a police cruiser and tried running over several other officers that were on foot. No one has been injured but shots were fired by Capital Police.

The FBI said it would assist Capitol Police at the scene. There is currently no clear indication of a motive, or whether this was an intentional act, according to the FBI. Later today police will hold a press conference at Bartholdi Park.

At 9:33 am, Capitol Police sent out an email alert about the incident asking Hill staff to stay clear of the area. Some of the House office buildings in the vicinity were temporarily placed on lock-down. Those lock-downs have been lifted

As of now, the two blocks closest to the incident are closed to foot traffic and officers are sending people and bikes around the Botanical Garden. The Rayburn House Office Building has reopened and tourists are continuing to move around.


UPDATE: New York Post is reporting that the female driver was stopped by police after driving ‘erratically’ along Independence Avenue and made a u-turn nearly hitting several police officers. Capitol Police spokesman has reported the incident as “criminal with no nexus to terrorism.”.

Written by Chris Pilie

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