Lanterns: The Dialectic of Desire: Bill Maher's March to Oblivion


The Dialectic of Desire: Bill Maher's March to Oblivion

Bill Maher believes what he wants to believe - that he has the ability and the right to see the world as he sees fit. Facts apply only when applied by him. Others are inconsequential and dismissed as beneath him. Bill's important. Bill's big. Nothing impedes his progress. His narcissistic ego will not allow for "no." Bill Maher finds comfort in nihilism and hates God. With nothing out there, there's no stopping his lust for fulfillment, feeding his desire.

Maher's a funny guy who I personally don't understand.


That was supposed to be a joke. He's a useful idiot and I understand that quite well. I have no use for him or what he is clueless to - that which honors his idiocy with purpose.

Bill Maher is a liberal. He's a few notches above his fans and several more beyond the slack-jawed yokels he openly mocks. Bill can't wait to progress to humanity's next level. Bill is amazingly stupid; knowing absolutely nothing about things he wholeheartedly believes.

Bill has it good, he has pull... He's a stand-up guy. That will radically transform when the paradigm shifts left. He feels above its reach and change is needed. He has money and fame. Funny thing... enforced, human equalization without capitalism might change that. 
You think, Bill? The jokes on you.

Bill, or Chairman Maher, as I'll refer to him, is an ideological idiot. He will find little to laugh about with the change he promotes. The voracity of Bill's snark shines, ridiculing down from his safe space on stage. Laughter at his jokes will, however, eventually cease. These jokes proved useful in outing the old ways and in voiding spots for the new. Funnyman Bill's prestige will lessen. The good in Bill's life will follow the old he heckled off the political stage and I predict something new will emerge in its place. This buffoon thinks he believes in "hope and change," yet he has no concept of what that precisely means. 
Disgruntled and bitter, Maher gradually will become. Joining his lessors will stifle his mocking of them. Malcontent after losing his progressive elite status, his critique will lack any semblance of humor. 

Some things never change.
Only a dimwitted dolt would ignore the warning screams the history of the progressive. And Bill Maher is as dumb as the day is long if he thinks he is truly one of them. He's a tool, a political mouthpiece, or a drone. Usefulness is fleeting, Bill.

Maher himself is history. Far from innocent, he fell victim to his poorly chosen ideals and paid heavily for his transgression. 

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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