Lanterns: To Defeat Antifa: Crush Them


To Defeat Antifa: Crush Them

Fellow Lanterneer, Joshua Nybo, recently wrote an article entitled “To Defeat Antifa, Turn The Other Cheek” 

I could not disagree more. I will explain why, but first, I need to clarify that this is merely a Riposte to an argument I feel just as strongly about as he does with his position. And the beauty of being with Lanterns Media in America is that for the moment, it’s still a free country. Although it certainly won’t be, if we continue..turning the other cheek to the likes of Antifa.

My goal here is to simply engage in debate and present the other side of the same coin. 

We are both Christians, veterans, Americans, and writers. He and I. 


God hates evil. He says it plainly. And he tells us, that if we love the Lord, we hate evil also.

Psalm 97:10 

And in Romans, he tells us that he that beareth the sword is a revenger of God upon him that doeth evil. 

Romans 13:4

Now one can argue that this verse indicates ONLY those in authority, such as police, but I disagree.  I believe it means any able-bodied Christian man capable of delivering said justice. Because it also says in Ezekiel, that he who sees the sword coming and sounds not the alarm, he is responsible for the peoples’ captivity— their blood is on his hands. If we personally witness someone being attacked, victimized, bloodshed upon an innocent, then provided we are able bodied and in a position to do so, we are commanded to stop it— not produce documentaries. 

For we will be held accountable for our actions...and inactions. 

Ezekiel 33:6

Furthermore, Jesus himself tells us that he that does not have a sword, to sell his cloak and buy one. I think that one's self-explanatory. 

Luke 22:36

Then also, we see in the Garden when the soldiers came for Jesus, that Peter drew his sword and struck off the ear of Malchus. I don’t think any of us believe Peter struck with the intent to simply take off the man’s ear. I believe he was striking to kill in defense of Jesus. Jesus admonished him, but he also explained why, and it was not because he struck to kill, but rather because it interfered with God’s plan of the crucifixion. He says it, right there in the verse. And Jesus, himself, was not opposed to violence as we recall when Jesus chased the moneychangers out of the temple with a whip and flipped over tables in anger. 

To promote the idea that we, as Christians, should be pacifists, is ludicrous—  it gets people killed, and frankly, I won’t stand for it because I am a veteran for a reason. It’s in my blood to run to the sound of the guns. The Lord knew that when he created me, and he says it repeatedly in a half dozen scriptures. 

For I knew you in the womb. 

With all of that said, we saw what happened in Charlottesville. The Police stood down. The local government was complicit and culpable for that chaos in which someone was killed, and we had evidentiary proof that Antifa is now the militant wing of the Democratic Party. They’re Brownshirts.They destroy businesses, beat innocent people, rape helpless women, and they have killed people. They’re terrorists. America does not negotiate with terrorists. 

We shoot them. 

Psalm 144: 

God Bless, and good day to you. 


Written by Ben Coleman

Freelance author, historian and Navy veteran. Find him at

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I wish I could find the link to the article you claim to be refuting

That was a personal oversight on my part in not linking. And for that I do apologize and deserve to be called on. Point taken.

Wow! Excellent article Ben Coleman! You are exactly correct IMHO. Thanks for keeping me and others informed on what ANTIFA really is. Great job, God bless you.

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