Lanterns: Taking on the Teacher's Union


Taking on the Teacher's Union

I received the summer edition of the “American Educator,” a magazine put out by the American Federation of Teachers.  When I looked at the front cover, I stood open-mouthed aghast at the image.  The headline read, “Hope in Dark Times:  Resisting the Threat to Democracy with Union Activism.”  The cover image was a photo of protesters at the Capitol building holding controversial banners from the “Resist” and “Black Lives Matter” movements.  Indoctrination much?

Not every educator is a Democrat.  Not every educator believes in the “Resist” or “Black Lives Matter” messages.  Not every educator voted AGAINST the President.  There are millions of educators who not only voted for President Trump but who are thrilled that he was elected! 

If the cover wasn’t upsetting enough, the article inside made my blood boil.  The author writes:

“ November, the unthinkable happened, as nearly half of American voters elected a president who has consistently disregarded democratic constitutional norms such as freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and the independence of the judiciary—norms that until now had been broadly accepted by members of both major political parties. That president, Donald J. Trump, is now seeking to weaken other pillars of our democracy, including public education…” 

Hold the phone!  Since when is pointing out the outright lies and bias of so-called “journalists” an assault on the Free Press?  I didn’t realize a temporary travel pause against countries that Barrack Obama identified as aiding radical Islamic Jihadists, was an assault on religion in America.  Is the author of this piece attempting to call out President Trump’s harsh words against Judge Gonzalo Curiel as interfering with the judicial branch of government?  Did the author choose not to publish Judge Curiel’s association with the racist hate group, La Raza or did he not know? The Judge sat on a committee which chose an illegal immigrant to win a scholarship, so maybe there IS reason to question his impartial view of the President’s stance on immigration.  

Now let’s address the comments on Education:

Common Core

In 2009, then-President Obama offered the state’s grant money in an initiative called “Race to the Top.”  To receive this payoff, a state would have to adopt "internationally benchmarked standards and assessments that prepare students for success in college and the workplace.” Though states could adopt other college- and career-ready standards and still be eligible, they were awarded extra points in their “Race to the Top” applications if they adopted the Common Core standards by August 2, 2010. 

Forty-one states signed on and sold their soul to the Common Core devil for a meager sum of money.  The money awarded to these grants was barely enough to buy a box of paperclips for each school. 

The Common Core standards were written in 2009 under the auspices of several D.C.-based groups.  An organization called Student Achievement Partners was charged with developing the project and was shrouded in secrecy. There was no public transparency. The majority of the 27 authors of the curriculum were testing industry executives;  very few teachers were involved.  

Since it would be illegal for the US Department of Education to put money into developing this program with private businesses, The Gates Foundation stepped in to fund this disaster. The Gates Foundation gave over 200 million dollars to write and promote the Common Core, including donations to all of the Washington-based groups charged with developing the program.   

Want to know who else took millions of dollars?  The very same national teacher union that published this magazine.

Let’s put on our critical thinking caps and put all of the pieces together. The Democrats and Teacher’s Union sold out every teacher, child, and the very integrity of the educational process for money!  Don’t preach to me about President Trump in your propaganda rag when you profited off the backs of our nation’s children.  

These children are deficient in language and math because of your greed, and this will affect the strength of this country for years to come!  

So, slap on your pussy hat and "Resist" all you want; the Trump movement is “woke” and refuses to be manipulated by your propaganda any longer. 

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Written by Traci Belmonte

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