Lanterns: Venezuela: Cuba 2.0


Venezuela: Cuba 2.0

My heart bleeds for the Venezuelan people. Maduro is heading for a Cuba 2.0. The Venezuelan Constitution and their elected representatives will be wiped out completely by the new Constitution that Maduro is trying to implement to give him absolute power over the people. It is another Castro in the making.

Once again, we have another totalitarian collectivist government forming in our Southern continent that will obliterate all individual human rights and establish another totalitarian regime that will bring repression, death, and incarceration to all political dissidents who believe in a representational form of republic.

America's response to provide financial sanctions against Maduro is at best negligible in consequence. While it is true that Trump faces an unimaginable challenge between North Korea, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, and Syria, I urge the US to take a bolder stand and stop all oil imports from Venezuela. This is the only real action that will cause the Venezuelan government to collapse. I do not care what hardship it will bring to the Big Oil companies. I care for the freedom of the Venezuelan people.

I also call upon Argentina, my native birth land, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile to unite in opposition to this cancer that can spread all through South America if left unchecked. I urge them to form a united front with the Organization of American States and send a military ultimatum to Maduro not to eradicate the Venezuelan Constitution.

If South Americans do not take seriously this unconscionable travesty to the stability and freedom of our South American people, the time will come when this cancer shall spread beyond the borders and bring death and tyranny to all of our people. America cannot spread its military too thinly across a global maelstrom that presently exists.

If we value the ideals of Simon Bolivar, then we must take action to protect our people from the infestation of collectivism and tyranny. We must stand together against this travesty to our Venezuelan brothers and sisters. If we fail to unite that cancer will come to every nation in South America. Stop their murdering of the Venezuelan people who wish to have a representative form of government. Now is the time for action. Tomorrow it will be too late.

Written by Henry Patino

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