Lanterns: Love it or Hate it, Breitbart is Exactly What the American Media's Supposed to Be


Love it or Hate it, Breitbart is Exactly What the American Media's Supposed to Be

The latest headline-grabbing action taken by Breitbart News is Monday’s exclusive audio release of Paul Ryan’s comments pledging he will not defend then Republican nominee Donald Trump. The audio, recorded shortly after the October 2016 release of Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood recording, has garnered criticism from CNN, The Hill, and CBS News.

CNN published an article touching on the release, which soon turned into a clear anti-Breitbart piece. The network then reported on the matter over their cable television network, inviting leftist guest analysts to join the rip Breitbart fest. 

“Everything that Breitbart does is essentially trying to send a message,” remarked Patrick Healy, New York Times Deputy Culture Editor. “[Breitbart is] sort of saying, ‘we’re watching this, we can cause you a lot of heartburn.” 

The Clinton News Network isn’t alone in its not-so-subtle hard feelings for the so-called platform of the alt-right. NBC News, in a report last month, launched an attack on White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, the former CEO of Breitbart News. 

“What Bannon wants, nothing short of a revolution, a populist/nationalist revolution in the United States, Republican in name, but Trump in style,” Robert Costa of the Washington post told NBC Nightly News. The report then later shifted from an attack on Bannon to an all out assault on Breitbart News itself, inserting an unrelated headline which reads, “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy,” an article published by Milo Yiannopoulos in December of 2015—almost 15 months prior to the report. 

Why are leftist news networks so offended by Breitbart News? For several reasons. One being, of course, that they are a conservative news network, one whose agenda contradicts that of CNN and NBC. But if this was the only reason for the attacks, why wouldn’t liberal news networks be all over FOX in the same way? 

The real reason the left is so hostile to Breitbart is because they report news the way it ought to be reported. Of course there is a slant, an agenda, a clear bias against democrats and in favor of the current President and his administration. This, however, isn’t inherently wrong.

The reason many Americans are infuriated with the mainstream media is because they have strayed too far from what they were originally intended to do. NBC and CNN have become so biased they have lost track of facts, and used feelings and emotion to dictate their reporting. On the contrary, Breitbart has done nothing but solidify its reputation of being factual, despite its clear bias. And while it won’t be mentioned by any of the liberal news networks, it is worth noting that Breitbart is the 46th most trafficked website in the United States.

One of the media’s most critical roles in our country is to hold our elected leaders accountable. Doing this requires facts, not unsubstantiated attacks against news networks due to their alternate political views. And Breitbart News, as pro-Trump as they come across, does exactly this. Referring to President Trump’s decision not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, the site published an article with a bold headline stating “Broken Promise: Trump ‘Doesn’t Wish to Pursue’ Clinton Email Charges.”

The network is also openly critical of some in the Trump administration, as no one is off limits. Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Reince Preibus may be on Trump’s side, but they aren’t necessarily best of friends with Breitbart

The best the left has to counter Breitbart is labeling the site as a bunch of racists, islamophobes, and homphobes. No scandals, and no “fake news,” because Breitbart is a responsible news network who reports the facts. Unfortunately for the left, the facts are rarely pretty, like the election results which had them in tears

News is going to have a political slant no matter what. There is nothing wrong with this, and the first amendment protects and encourages our freedom to express our opinions by way of the media. But sometimes Americans just want facts, and don’t appreciate needing to read between the lines and fish through all of the added propaganda to find what truly happened.

Breitbart News, though clearly far right, states the facts and does not conceal its ideology. The site may anger many, which only comes as a result of their direct approach to reporting news. Its writers aren’t trying to indoctrinate, because if they were, they would be a whole lot more subtle in doing so. The bold approach Breitbart takes may offend those on the other side, but it only brings out the truth and often exposes false narratives introduced by the mainstream media in an attention grabbing fashion. 

Love it or hate it, agree or disagree, Breitbart News is exactly what media in our country should be in the twenty-first century. Direct, bold, and based strictly on fact. 

Written by Jonathan Goehring

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