Lanterns: A Message From The Past... Even More Relevant Today.


A Message From The Past... Even More Relevant Today.

“The more depravity that a society allows its members to indulge in, the more sinister will be the depravity its members seek out.”
                                                                                 ~ The Ugly Truth Project
Back in the late 80’s I was still living in Houston Texas. 
There was a local rock station that I listened to (not identifying them because I am not sure about legality) and one of the D.J.’s would ask random questions and have listeners call in with their opinions of the subject. (This was before everyone had cell phones mind you.)
One day, the D.J. asked this question.
“Why is it that we seem to have more problems with child molesters now days than we did back in say the 40’s, or even the 50’s?”
People called in with all kinds of statistics about how there are more people reporting them than before, to more effective police methods, etc. etc..
You know, the usual people trying to sound smart and progressive about the issue.
And then there was one caller who by the sound of his voice you could tell he was elderly, so he lived during the time period in question. His answer was epic.
“You guys spit all of these statistics and try everything in the world to explain away or excuse the behavior of these child rapists but the answer is very simple. Back in the 40’s and 50’s we hung these scum bags from a tree the FIRST time they messed with a child and GAURANTEED that they would not have the chance to harm another one. You stupid people nowadays seem more intent on protecting the rights of the offenders than you are in protecting these innocent children. That’s why there are more child molesters nowadays, because you people let them get away with it. You say they are sick, well people are animals, and what do we do with any other animal that attacks and harms a child? We put that f$%^&* down don’t we?”
And then he hung up.
It made such an impact on me that I have never forgotten that moment, its like it happened yesterday and I remember every word verbatim because even back then in my early twenties I could see that what the man said was true. Even back then the left was working diligently to normalize pedophilia and child molestation.
Now look at us, we are actually arguing about making this sick behavior a  “normal” sexual preference. Because of this, pedophilia and child sex crimes are rampant across not just the U.S. but on a global scale with sex trafficking in children being a very lucrative industry. Billions of dollars a year of which large amounts find its way into the pockets of the people pushing to normalize and even legalize raping children as nothing more than a “normal” sexual preference.
Now of course I am not advocating for a mob to hang child molesters from a tree, but we do need to institute some much harsher MANDATORY sentencing laws that will actually act as a deterrent, not a welcome mat for these people. This is not normal, it is deviant sexual behavior and it should be punishable by very severe consequences including life in prison for repeat offenders, MANDATORY!
There are actually places in this country where someone can do like five times the prison sentence for possession of pot, than they can for raping a child. This is unacceptable!
The old man had it right in his message from my past, he saw the writing on the wall and called it all some 30 years ago.
It begs us all to ask a very simple question of ourselves, and then of course we have to be prepared to face the answer as well. 
What the hell are we becoming and why are we allowing it to happen?

Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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