Lanterns: It's Time to Repeal Income Tax Act


It's Time to Repeal Income Tax Act

Reader Warning: This article includes words and terms that may not be politically correct. If you experience a sudden rash, seizure, or even death, I, the publisher, the internet provider, your computer maker, the electric provider, and your optician are not responsible.

Upon retiring and living off a fixed income, I have been looking for alternative ways to enhance my earnings. I am now in an area not many dwell in. It is the inner dimension called “creativity.”

Creativity takes many forms. It can be as simple as marketing a drawing to look like a five-year-old did it, to writing a book. Some people will take photos, hand make jewelry, or even paint animals on rocks. To many who create, it takes energy, time, work, and money that probably already have been taxed once as income. It also involves learning about how to run a business, writing a plan, keeping inventory, doing advertising, and spending time committed to your idea.

I am in a couple of different locations with my craft of photography. One is Hello Galena, a store made up of over 60 local artists selling their items made either by hand or using their 'eye' with a camera. I also have my items in the Galena Antique Mall. This is another location where there are many people selling items they created or using their knowledge and already taxed money to attend auctions, estate sales, garage sales, to find objects of collectability for sale.

In all instances, we are trying to make a few bucks at best, to either use as a slush fund to create more, pay bills, or even buy food.

I am sure it was the same back in early US history as far as raising a family, except there were no social programs to fall back on. If you got sick, lost a leg in a meat processor, FELL into a meat processor, split your hand open with a butcher knife, you just dealt with it. One of my favorite books, "The Jungle," by Upton Sinclair paints a rosy picture of the sweet life in America in the Chicago Stockyards. It describes the living conditions and early opportunities in America for legal immigrants.

It concentrated on a worker and his family during that period of time. In it, he described the conditions of meat production. (Has anything really changed?) Thru a medium, Upton offered to pay me a royalty for mentioning his book, but I turned it down. He did want me to ask the question, does anyone even name their children Upton anymore?

For people that want to earn extra income outside of the brick and mortar options, there are eCommerce main player options like eBay, Etsy, or even Amazon.

Upon doing my research of opening a 'store' on eBay, I found out some interesting information.

The government wants you to report your income, even if you are a "hobbyist."

Which leads me to the crux of my story: WHY are we forced to pay taxes?

Please bear with me for I am not a historian of American politics other than I believe that most politicians are the greediest, most selfish, self-centered, egotistical, disconnected from reality, student loan free, silver spoon fed, college graduates that walk the face of the planet and congregate in the USA. In other countries, (not all), their political systems are also made up of similar forms of low lifes.

One politician, I did admire though, was Idi Amin, for his prophetic, thoughtful, blunt, to-the-point quotes:  "You cannot run faster than a bullet."  (I have not tested this theory)

"In any country, there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order." (Sounds like a 2030 Agenda prediction)

My favorite which sounds a bit like everyone who has a microphone to their mouth is: "Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking."  Also, if he didn't like is rumored he ate you. Something Donald Trump has not been accused of...yet.

(Just for fun, I would love to hear him joke about Idi being a great politician then see tens of thousands of people eating each other to make him look bad.)

If I am correct, a bunch of young guys was fed up with the taxation by some guy wearing a crown and a long robe of red velvet who probably ate his food with his hands. These young guys were farmers, businessmen, and other tradesmen who responded to his taxation policies by dressing up as Indians and ever so gently placing a large cargo of tea into a harbor. A little-known fact that is missing from the history books: the process of forming the EPA started after the high toxicity of the water from the caffeine in the tea caused the local fish to attack visiting swimmers who were vacationing from the Bahamas.

I also remember something about taxation without representation. Maybe it was in one of my House of Mystery comic books I read in the 5th grade while the teacher was talking. (Sorry Editor H, but it was true.)

What frosts my ____s, is this income tax deal, wrapped up without the representation deal, that taxes the stuff you leave behind when you die which you already paid taxes on while you were alive. Then, there are taxes on taxes wherever you turn as a whirling dervish. What gets me most riled is feeding this system of waste. It's already hard enough to get by,

Do I believe our taxes are wasted on social programs? Not for the most part, but they could be run more efficiently. I personally know people who need these programs who do not have the ability to even care for themselves courtesy of genetic disorders, and who are in danger of not having the appropriate funding.

One thing for sure is that our taxes are wasted on paying politicians. Even the fair skinned, Norwegian looking one that says she was 1/10000th Indian or someone's neighbor friend told someone else who told her grandmother that she was, and got a free ride to college.

Our complete government system should be built solely on volunteering as it is done in small towns. These suits do not deserve any of our money. The perks of sitting in their air-conditioned or heated offices protected from us should be enough. With all their open door policies, have you ever really sat down at lunch and had a hot dog, or burger, with your vacationing, pension soaking sponge of a Washington politician? If you were lucky enough, you probably had to pick up the tab like Jesse “Cheeseburger.”

Who is that? A man who walked through O'Hare airport and went up to a burger counter and ordered a cheeseburger. When told how much it was, he had a fit. He thought it was going to be free. Well, he turned to his entourage and told them to pay for it. They didn’t have any money either. No burger for you, come back, never. True story.

Am I angry about paying taxes? Yes. I'd dress up like an indigenous person in a Jean Paul Gaultier suit, and knock over a mountain of tea if I could. Disclaimer: If a mountain of tea does get knocked over, it wasn't me and most Indigenous people I saw lived in 3rd world conditions and could barely afford anything...especially a $1500 vintage suit.

Am I disgusted to find out that in order to try to make a few extra bucks to make ends meet I have to be sure I report my earnings? You bet.

To be fair, according to eBay, I would only have to report if I earn over $20,000 and do 200 sales. My question to them was what if I do $20,000 in one sale? Then what? They couldn't advise me, so it is best to claim ALL income.

I would say the tax cut passed by Congress was a good start, even though people are either dancing in the streets over it or just crying.  

How about making a full run for the money and eliminating the Income Tax Act?

It has lasted longer than Prohibition and has done so much more damage, mentally and physically, to tax paying Americans who carry the weight of all the non-taxpayers. It is truly Public Enemy number 3.

Why number 3? Because the fake media and all on it is number 2, and the average American Politician is number 1.

If you're trying to contact me about repealing the Income Tax Act, I may be having lunch with Idi and Donald.

Written by David Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feeling.

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