Lanterns: Yes, I AM Unapologetic


Yes, I AM Unapologetic

I want to get one thing straight right now: Yes, I AM unapologetic about where I stand on issues. Many people have accused me of being uncaring, ignorant, racist, or even hateful. I am none of those things. I refuse to sell out to appease people. It's about time they realized this.

Someone was Facebook friends with me. I shared a post that had a word that begins with a D and ends with an N. Because of that, this friend mocked me. He said I was no good kind of Christian, let alone worthy of leadership. I replied that I shared the meme. I didn't create it. At the time he was talking smack about me, my wife was in the hospital with blood clots on her lungs. I mentioned the above in the reply as well, saying he was kicking me while I was down. He also didn't state the whole truth. He attempted to embarrass me, but it didn't work. I also told him that I answer to God, as we all do eventually. This is what happens when one is in the clergy, or is any kind of religious leader. People will accuse you of everything under the sun. At the same time, when people ask a question from a theological perspective and I answer them, most of the time they don't like the answer and say I'm a fraud.

Allow me to provide a theoretical situation. Let's say someone asks me if I think, from a theological perspective, if animals go to heaven. I would answer that when Jesus comes back and creates the new Earth, his entire creation will be on that Earth enjoying it. If it says entire creation, then that means animals as well. 

If I say there is such a thing as a resurrection relationship which, simply put, means that we are saved through Jesus. Through our relationship with him, we are also resurrected like he was. Now, since we are the rulers over the animals and have relationships with them, they make it to Heaven through their relationship with us. Someone might say I am crazy or even flat out wrong for saying those things, but they asked a theological perspective and that is one thing I learned in a theology class.

Just like anyone else, I am human with flaws and faults. I know, people look at the clergy and think they are flawless or sinless, but we aren't. I am constantly trying to improve myself. I choose to appease God, not people. I admit I still have room for improvement on that as well, but at least I'm working on it.  

Just because I call a spade a spade doesn't mean I am uncaring—on the contrary, I care tremendously about people. That is why I bring things to the forefront and won't back away from God's word. I love people and want to help them, but first, they need to want help and then repent.

It isn't easy, I know firsthand, that once you turn your problems over to God and have

Him, it helps take away a lot of the burdens in your life.

So, when I say I am unapologetic, it’s a good thing. I am unapologetic about sharing God's word and not backing away from it, because we all need to be saved.

God bless you.

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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