Lanterns: Love Life Like You Love Your Mother


Love Life Like You Love Your Mother

In times of hardship, struggle, and suffering. I always remember one of the many valuable lessons my mother taught me. Life is artwork.

Fight to the bitter end with grace and integrity to selflessly make a positive mark on the world.... and don't take yourself too seriously.

Life, by its nature, is suffering. Our mothers endured incredible suffering to give birth to us. Our birth is the beginning of our suffering, and at the end of it all, we suffer greatly as we pass on. With all of this suffering comes immense beauty that we often struggle to express. That is why we value the artist because they give birth to new beauty like mothers do. Our mothers are the archetypal manifestation of beauty because they deliver life.

Love life like you love your mother.

Do not attempt to reject or avoid suffering as you will reject and avoid life and all of the beautiful experiences it has to offer. When the dark rain clouds of suffering appear on the horizon in your life—  buckle up, and put the pedal to the metal with the window down. Feel the wind on your face— brace yourself, and open your heart. You will be surprised how wonderful the rain drops feel on your skin and the birth of a new perspective of life is.

Celebrate life and the suffering that peppers it, for life does not last forever. Without shadow there is no perspective of the light that created it. Celebration makes the suffering in life more bearable. Celebration is an expression. Express your suffering in your way while being humble to what you find on the way.

Keep a smile and an open heart.

Today I celebrate my mother's birthday and the opportunity she provided me through her suffering. She suffered to give me life... to experience all of this.

Written by Chris Pilie

Freedom Loving American

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