Lanterns: Dear Conservatives: What Do You Stand For?


Dear Conservatives: What Do You Stand For?

Dear Conservatives,

What do you stand for? As a liberty-minded Millennial, I search for a movement I can cling to, yet in the studying of your habits I find a majority of you have no understanding of the principles of which you claim to preserve. Is this an intentional move to the progressive propaganda of subjective truth? Or is it a need to no longer be crushed beneath the boot of the left? The first I cannot fathom, and the second I do have some sympathy for after the eight years of blatant abuse from the Obama regime.

That is, however, no excuse to abandon the self-evident truths that your crusade fought to conserve. Time and again I have watched as a majority of your operation idolizes talking heads, and politicians that have no foundation in the ethics you claim to maintain. Do you, like the progressives, believe that the truth of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are illusory and must be changed to suite the whims of the modern world? Or do you simply not know them?

I must confess that, before having observed your antics, I was most confused over the cry for principles by your fellow compatriots. Yet the stronger the cry to re-adhere to these principles, the fewer seemingly know what those principles are. In truth, I had even become unsure of what the undeniable truth that our founders spoke of was, and I am sure I am not alone in that wondering.

The conclusion I have come to is simple: How can conservatives safeguard founding principles when they themselves no longer know what they are? Although there are many out there who have listed these principles, I have found very few to actually define them and illustrate how to implement them into our own lives. Those that have done so seem to be unreliable sources in the thoughts of their fellow conservatives due to the political upheaval of the past few years. This only proves how prejudiced we have become against each other, putting political opinion and policy preference above all else.

I write this not to divide the conservative movement anymore then it already is, nor to cultivate a sense of rancor already stewing within your ranks, but hopefully to shed light on a weakness that has been too long overlooked. In the following weeks I will be pursuing a series of articles shedding light on what these eternal truths that we are founded upon are, and it is my hope that you will join me on this journey of discovery. Knowledge is certainly power, but it takes great wisdom to learn how to utilize it. I think it is certainly past time for conservatism to become wise once more.

Sincerely and with great regards,

A Confused Millennial

Written by KE Dean

I'm a Label-less millenial on the quest for some intelectual honesty in a world gone upside down. Blogger at, novelist, and proud Army Brat. Exodus 14:14

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Hi KE; Thanks for this article. You write: "The conclusion I have come to is simple: How can conservatives safeguard founding principles when they themselves no longer know what they are?" I'm not sure that's a conclusion so much as it is a question. I genuinely appreciate the tone and candor of your piece, and I'm really looking forward to forthcoming articles about the specifics; but this piece here... this letter to Conservatives... doesn't really support itself. Let me explain. You say your conclusion is that (to turn it to a statement rather than a question) Conservatives cannot safeguard the principles of liberty when we no longer recognize them. This is a fair statement, and I agree wholeheartedly! But without any example of this, it doesn't really hold much water. Again--I AGREE with you... and I really do love your approach and your candor... you are not accusatory, but you are obviously serious... and I really am looking forward to the upcoming pieces. :) Pax, KE!

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