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Stuff Happens!

Don’t Overthink the Flynn Affair!

As divided as our Nation is today, not everything can be segregated into a vast Right- or Left-Wing conspiracy. Not every visible effect is the direct result of a cause we champion. The sun rising at 6:00 am is not the result of peaceful or violent protests against the darkness at 5:00 AM. In simple terms, sometimes “stuff happens.”

Case in point, the resignation of  General Michael Flynn.

Despite everything that has been said, accused, debated, twisted, distorted, manufactured, and denied, ultimately Flynn is out because he failed his top secret background investigation (BI).

It really is that simple.

All the comments about intelligence leaks, biased press, internal administration disarray, the Logan Act, his relationship (or non-relationship) with foreign diplomats, Roswell space alien involvement or the host of other hypothetical “causes,” had any material “effect” upon the outcome of Flynn’s resignation. In the end, Flynn was the “cause, ” and he created the “effect.”

As with any National Security position, a BI and potential polygraph are required to access classified information. Without an appropriate clearance, one is not granted access to classified information. Security clearance is not a right. There is no independent judge and jury. There is no practical appeal process. There is an investigation, a process of adjudication of all the relevant information, and a judgment is rendered. The federal government does this by the tens of thousands every year. A prior clearance has minimal impact on one keeping their clearance.

These background investigators are trained professionals. Like drug sniffing dogs at the airport, BI professionals are trained to be non-confrontational, to gain your trust, sniff around in your personal affairs, and find anything that does not quite match up. In the end, who doesn’t want to pet a drug-sniffing dog? Who wouldn’t want to be open and honest with a BI professional?

Well, apparently, the answer is Michael Flynn.

Now don’t get me wrong, I clearly don’t know what was said. No one knows what was said. This information is reserved exclusively for those directly involved in the BI process. Any information release is simply a summary of the hours of discussion and the hundred of pages of documentation collected and review by the appropriate clearance authority.

Despite common perception, there is “absolute truth.” Many strive to acquire it, and many strive to avoid it. Those that avoid espousing truth, usually do so thru either the sins of omission or commission. 

The former is simple- not stating all of the facts, or leaving out key details in an effort to change the understanding and perception of the narrative. Making comments such as “I never had sex with that women…” is a sin of omission based on a unique, and particular definition of “sex,” far outside of the common mainstream understanding of the definition.  Ask any 18-year-old boy, and his definition would be substantially different from the one presented by a grown man and sitting POTUS.

The sin of commission is far more active in nature. One now goes out of their way to falsify the narrative to redirect the understanding and perception away from truth and to something other than the truth.  In other words, they lie. Blaming the riot in Benghazi on a video is a clear example the sin of commission. Not only was it a calculated narrative, is was a narrative of collaboration, as the minions of a sitting POTUS repeated the “Big Lie” as to flood the news cycle with this deception.

In the end, Flynn was apparently less than open and honest with the BI professionals. Was it a sin of omission or a sin of commission? We may never know.  But in reality, it doesn’t matter. Once Flynn’s sin was detected, the false narrative quickly unraveled. Unfortunately, once deception is detected, it puts into question anything a person has said or written as truthful, andIn the end, if all of your testimony is in question, then nothing can be believed. With this much doubt as to your honesty and trustworthiness, clearances are rarely granted.

Don’t get me wrong; there is still a massive left-wing conspiracy to oust Trump, denigrate his supporters, delegitimize his Presidency, and undermine our Constitution, and the rule of law. But in this case, let’s blame the true cause which created the effect-- Flynn was dishonest during his background investigation and failed to be granted a security clearance, a clearance needed to be the National Security Advisor, and thus could not fulfill the duties of his job. Therefore he had no other option, but to resign.

It really is that simple!

Written by Warner Workman

Warner Workman is a contributing writer for the Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives Media Group.

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