Lanterns: BREAKING: Possible Suspect in St. Petersburg Bombing Caught on Camera


BREAKING: Possible Suspect in St. Petersburg Bombing Caught on Camera

After Bombs exploded in the subway of St. Petersburg, Russia state Media reported that officials believe that there are two suspects in this terror attack.

Monday afternoon a bomb exploded in one subway train killing 11 people and wounding 45 others. Another bomb was located in a nearby station but was disabled before detonation could take place. Russian Police now believe two separate suspects placed the bombs in strategic areas to cause the most damage to passing commuters.

Sky News reports that both bombs were filled with shrapnel. The second undetonated device is reported by Interfax to have been rigged with up to 2.2 pounds of explosives, as well as the shrapnel.

Interfax also reported that an unidentified source confirmed that a security camera recorded a man who may have left the deadly bomb in a bag on the train. Russian State Media, The Associated Press, Fox News, and other news agencies broadcasted the photo of a bearded man, claiming that he is wanted in connections with the blast.

President Trump has come out declaring that it is “absolutely a terrible thing,” adding, “it’s happening all over the world.” Russian President Vladimir Putin told State Media that investigators were looking into all possible causes.

Written by KE Dean

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