Despite the healthcare law fumble last week by the GOP, and President Trump’s woes concerning the so-called Russian connection, Democrats are still losing.

They have lost and are losing votes, seats in both houses, governorships, and the White House.

Far be it from me to encourage Democrats to win; but, if they ever hope to be relevant again, they are going to have to win middle-class voters back. This means Democrats better get a new playbook. 

The tactic of mocking GOP failure has not worked. The truth is, Democrats and progressives need to learn the right lessons from 2016 on representation that just hasn't happened yet.

You need better leaders and a better strategy to engage and empower the base you lost in the last election. The base I am talking about is the forgotten man/woman. The people who feel the Democrat party no longer represents them. The old school Democrat-- the 45 plus-year-old white person struggling to make ends meet are whom you are missing.  Those Americans feel left behind by a party which cares more about the rights of undocumented people than they do their own citizens. 

They see the Democrat party handing over American sovereign rights to foreign bodies like the United Nations, which has declared and wants to exercise power over the United States. That’s something most Americans do not accept. My parent's Democrat Party used to fight for the working poor. This Democrat Party fights for everyone but the working poor in America. 

Look at the coal industry. Once upon a time, coal country was a Democrat controlled stronghold. People working in the coal industry and unions voted Democrat. However, that is no longer true.

If the Democrat party is to ever regain its reputation among its voters, they will need to change. As a political writer watching what is happening in social realms, I know that is not likely. What this means for Republicans is they will likely hold on to power a little longer.

My advice to Republicans is to pass every conservative bill you can while you have both houses of government and the Presidency. We don’t know how long it will be before Democrats with their progressive ideologies regain power. This is the time to level the playing field for the many years Democrats were in power. This is the time to reverse the damage. 

Written by Rosie OnTheRight

Rosie grew up watching CSpan she is a contributing writer for,

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