Lanterns: Lesson One: Building a Fire


Lesson One: Building a Fire

Could you start a fire without a lighter or matches?  A firestarter kit is a must have for your bug out bag.  Heck, if Survivorman can start a fire in under 30 seconds, surely, we can do it too!  Only, it's much harder than you might think.

If you start striking the flint rod, you may get a lot of bright sparks everywhere but no fire. In the face of an emergency, or off-grid situation, it will be easy to panic, and you may become easily frustrated. I am going to teach you so that with a little practice you'll be able to start a fire without any help from "man-made" objects, such as a lighter.

Fire not only gives you warmth, but it can be used to cook food and boil water for drinking, light to see in the dark, security from animals, and it can give you comfort during a hard time. Three things are needed to start a fire: fuel, heat, and oxygen.  

The fuel is what your fire is going to burn. Wood is a great source of fuel and can be collected with ease. Next is heat. An ignition source is needed like flint and steel. Last is oxygen, and that is everywhere, no need to supply that, just make sure your fire can get plenty of airflow to get the flames going.

In the video below, I'll show you three different ways to build a fire.

The first is what I call the prepare method. This is where you have made fire starters before there's an emergency or an off-grid situation. You will need a box of strike matches, a roll of toilet paper, and old wax candle ends. Start by tearing off one square piece of toilet paper and fold it in half, then place two matches on the paper and roll them up so only the match head is showing. Use an old pot and melt the candle ends in it, and then dip the matches and paper into the wax twice to ensure an even and full coat of wax. Lay them out to cool and dry, then all you need to do is strike the head of the match and the flame will burn for up to 20 minutes. 

The second method is the wet fire method. Wet fire is a product that can be picked up at any major outdoor stores. It is a small cube that when lit, will burn for a long time even in water. All you need is a fire catcher like dry grass or lint. How do you start the fire with wet fire? Take the wet fire out of the package and place it on something that will take a flame like lint or dry grasses. Next, strike your flint rod and the lint or grass will take the flame. The wet fire will extend the flame for 20 to 30 minutes longer and will start a fire in any condition. This is a product that I recommend you purchase and store in the event of an emergency. I have used them in every kind of condition out there from rainy downpours to snowstorms, and they always light and burn.

The third and last method is the all natural way which takes a little more practice and knowledge. Start by gathering things like dry grasses and pine needles as a fire starter. Next, I use pine tar with pine needles wrapped around it as a fire extender. A small, thin twig will be the tinder to start and feed the fire. Finally, used larger sticks and wood as fuel to keep the fire going. Dry grasses and something that will prolong the flame, like pine sap should also be used. The grass will burn fast, but the pine sap burns longer helping to create your fire.

It's important to practice these skills before you really need to use them. This can be a fun lesson and activity for everyone in your family, and they will be learning an important survival skill. Please check out my Youtube Channel and subscribe to it so you can get

Please check out my Youtube Channel and subscribe to it so you can get notifications when I upload new content. One last thing, please be safe when practicing these skills, and thank you for reading and watching my video over how to make a fire.

Curt Andrews

The Second Amendment Advocate and Avid Cyclist


Written by Curt Andrews

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