Lanterns: It's Time to Grow Up!


It's Time to Grow Up!

My children are very active in sports.  Cross country, soccer, wrestling and track and in the past three years I have seen a very irritating trend-- Supplying high school kids with snacks for meets.  Now some people might say, “What a good idea!  What are you complaining about?  It’s one less thing for you to worry about right.”  

Yes and no.

What I find most irritating is that I have to pack snack bags for 30-40 kids who waste the food, pour the water on the ground, throw the snack bars at each other, smash the bananas, and laugh as they slip and slide in the goop.  

The issue is that the kids don’t appreciate it at all-- they just feel entitled and deserving.  


They didn’t have to pay for it, pack it, remember it, and/or have any responsibility in it.  They just get to eat and waste, learning nothing about being an adult or appreciating the effort which people put out for them.

The irony in this “care package,” is that we do it for the high school athletes that range in age from 15 to 19, but we don’t do it for our little kids who are truly not old enough to a show high level of responsibility.  What are we teaching these young adults? Are they learning to think ahead? To plan? Are they learning any responsibility? Or are they learning entitlement, and that someone else will do it for them?

Our whole culture is following this trend.  When people are always given things, they start to feel entitled to things that they haven’t earned.   Because they don’t have any skin in the game, they don’t appreciate what they’ve been given.  I see this in almost every facet of life today, from “snack bags” to college tuition to health care.  

It seems that everything is a right.


The result is a system in which young people get to stay children, poor get to stay poor, and everyone gets taken care of… except for people like me.  Instead, I get the privilege of paying for everyone’s free stuff that Bernie Sanders and other Democrats like to purchase their votes with, and unlike Bernie, who somehow manages to only pay 13.5 percent in taxes on his over $200,000 salary, I pay close to 18% percent of my income which is a fraction of his.

I’m getting tired.  I’m tired of giving things to the entitled masses. I’m tired of explaining to young and old alike why free things are not good for freedom, and I wonder what will happen when the do-ers become the loafers and stop giving.

Here is an example that really chafes my rear:  Why does any 26-yr-old need to remain on their parent’s health insurance?   


My son works a full-time job and makes as much money as I do, but he gets to use my insurance.  He doesn’t have to buy his own.  I have to purchase insurance for myself.  I can not use my husband’s because I am offered my own through my job.  I pay $80 biweekly for that insurance, which has a $6000 deductible.  My husband also has to pay for insurance.  He pays approximately $80 per week and has a $5000 deductible.  

Why is this a bad thing?  

Because it ends up costing more for the long term, and it keeps our rates high.  According to our bargaining committee, it has something to do with all of the under 26-year-old parents of children, who get to stay on our health insurance, and all of their medical expenses.  It’s not that they can’t get insurance…  Hello, Obamacare, and now the Obamacare "lite" disaster the Republicans have proposed.

So why do they need mine?  Why are we not making them responsible sooner?  Who thought 26-year-old kids were a good idea?

We have raised a whole generation where everyone gets a trophy and it means nothing.  The kids know it, the adults know it, and society continues to encourage that destructive behavior all while complaining about it.  

I’m sorry, but that is not adult life.  You have to do something to get something.  

Oh, wait...not anymore.


Written by Rae Ashcraft

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Truth! I had the same thoughts when I was packing those "care packs." It is getting ridiculous...along with my frustration.

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