Lanterns: Cousins, BLM and Antifa, Are Due for a Good Whooping


Cousins, BLM and Antifa, Are Due for a Good Whooping

I have two stories to tell you today.

First story: my dad came from a large family from North Central Nebraska, in the Sandhills. Three of my uncles had ranches in the area and whenever I could, I enjoyed spending time on one of those ranches and hanging out with my cousins. One of my cousins, close to my age, was "Bones."  

Most of the time, Bones and I and the other cousins, got along just fine. We had fun riding horses, playing on and jumping off the crooked boxelder tree in the yard, wading in the creek, playing board games in the house on the rainy days, and having an occasional game of frisbees which were sometimes nothing but dried cow patties, but hey, we were kids, and it was fun!

One day we were goofing off and Bones picked up a cow patty that wasn't quite as dried as he thought it was and when it hit me in the shoulder, it was a little bit mushy and still a little stinky. I was not amused, to say the least, and Bones ended up with a big knot in the middle of his forehead from a horseshoe that “accidentally” hit him. That was our story and we were sticking to it.  

As soon as the horseshoe accident occurred, we hightailed it for the house to contain the damage. I went to my Aunt Darlene and asked her for some ice water while he tried to wipe the dirt off in the bathroom off the entryway. This was my first mistake—  I generally don't like ice in my water.

My second mistake occurred as I handed the glass of ice water through the bathroom door to my boy cousin.  Bones drained the water, wrapped the ice in a washcloth, and put it under his hat. We then walked across the living room floor to go upstairs to the kid's area.

The third mistake—  you don't wear your hat in the house; it’s bad manners!

We made it to the door that led to the stairway and thought we were home free, but before we could open the door, Uncle Ted had his belt off and we both got a smack in the same swipe. Of course, at that point, we both apologized, and that was the end of that. You see, in our family, once an issue is settled, it's settled. Done. Also, in our family, blame is kind of a moot point. Both Uncle Ted and my parents knew that whatever had happened we were both to blame. It didn't matter who started it, as it takes two to create a skirmish. In other words, whatever happens, both parties are at fault, and both get the disciplined. The moral of the story is that no matter if we disagreed on something, as cousins, we always stuck together!

Remember this, as I tell my second story.

About four weeks ago, I was driving to pick up some lunch on my last day at my old job, and I was planning on listening to a radio talk show host. Instead of hearing the usual host, he had someone sitting in for him. I don't recall his name,  but whoever he was, he had a very good point that has been niggling at my brain. He was speaking of the BLM and ANTIFA groups. His point was, here they are, fighting against each other, but back in the old days, they were quite literally from the same side of the blanket—  Democrat leftist liberals. For some reason, the media has forgotten that bit of history. The mainstream media and "Uncle Sam" have failed to give these two cousins the whooping that they so well deserve!

I can't help but wonder, are they actually fighting each other? Or do they just want us to think that they are fighting each other? Either way, I don't think it really matters. I'm tired of seeing these two groups taking their supposed quarrel out on everyone else. Oh, and yes let's not forget these supposedly white supremacist Nazis! Those did not come from the "right" side of the blanket either. Nope, their origin is from the left side of the blanket, along with your other two cousins!

So there you have it, these groups, fostered and supported by their Uncle Soros, are in dire need of a good whooping. The only question remaining is when and how they will get that whooping, and by whom? 

Written by Anolagay Sonnenfelt

Mom, grama, writer, semi-retired. Individuals, not govt will make our country great again. Pro-life, truth, Elohim! #TimeToJump

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Their whipping will come when popular anger overcomes popular apathy. It bears remembrance that it has historically been only a small portion of the population which actually fights. The rest apathetically sit on the fence waiting to see which way the wind will blow before throwing in on that side. To actually get into the fight would necessarily require...inconvenience. And that..simply will not do, for most. - Thank you very much for your work, and always glad to share, my dear.

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