Lanterns: Worn Out on Racism?


Worn Out on Racism?

For eight years, mainstream media outlets were not shy to push any story lines that highlighted racism. From Michael Brown to Freddie Gray; America was consistently reminded about it’s persistent degredation of black people. Most of it was connected to the Conservative opposition to America’s first “black” president.

So, why hasn’t this incident made the front page coverage like the recent past? As of 4:30p.m. EDT, the following news agencies did not have anything related on their home page.


  • bbc
  • msnbc
  • abcnews
  • foxnews


CNN had a small title article about the Red Sox dealing with the issue and CBS News had a title with a small thumbnail picture. Yet, there is little to no reporting on what would be the juicest topics during the administration of the most racist president ever elected (according to mainstream media). Sharing this story would serve as a consistent reminder of the personal hell that blacks are experiencing because of America’s closet KKK president. Right?

Yet, there are only crickets? Why?

Taking a stab here:


  • Could it be another false narrative to keep America divided?
  • Could it be a mission to continue the awareness spearheaded by Colin Kaepernick?
  • Could it be that if it’s happening in Boston, the metropolis of multiculturalism and acceptance, then it defeats the message that liberal America cares for minorities?


The campaign to squash this behavior is speaking volumes to the nature of racism in America indicating a clear and present message by the former administration and its lapdog media. Again, millions of blacks have purported that having Donald Trump would usher in the greatest form of racism and would reintroduce lynching. This incident took place in a state were 60.8% of its population voted for Clinton and 33.5% of its citizens voted for Donald Trump. With these numbers, the Massachussett’s population should be burning down the city of Boston in order to bring awareness to a hatred that has plagued America since its inception.Yet, rioting is not taking place in the streets of Boston.

Maybe, just maybe, the media and Black Lives Matter proponents have cried wolf too long or their agenda is no longer hidden. Perhaps this issue has to be squashed or hidden in order to keep up the left’s perception that racism doesn’t exist in the more diverse, refined cities and states in the land of the free.



Written by Watson Prunier

Battle4Freedom has been the culmination of many things from my life growing up. I'm the oldest of 5 born in NY to Haitian immigrants. I'm a quad but don't know where two of my other siblings are. We grew up in poverty but it helped keep me centered

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