Lanterns: Walter Scott killer pleads guilty


Walter Scott killer pleads guilty

The two-year anniversary marking the brutal killing of Walter Scott comes with a small reprieve for his family. They can find a little comfort as his killer pleads guilty. Former police officer, Michael Slager, changed his plea from not guilty to avoiding the consequences of potentially being found guilty to state murder charges and two federal charges. Slager will serve up to 25 years in prison.

Sadly, the resolution of this case will not receive the same amount of coverage of the initial crime. This is the greater injustice because the agents who would generally speak out against the death of a black man (Deray McKesson, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson) are nowhere to be found. Their voice always highlights the aggrandizement of racism during the last eight years under the administration of former president, Barack Obama. 

I spoke with a friend that lived in the Charleston area when this crime was committed. She said that with the combination of the Slager case and the Dylan Roof, and the Mother Emmanuel Church shooting, that area was under intense scrutiny from the media. “It felt like all eyes were on us, watching how we collectively handled the mess we found ourselves in.” She went on to explain that Sharpton and Jackson both attempted to gain access to the area to use the deaths to further their agenda. What happened next, however, added a kink to their agenda, and silenced the stirring of dissension.

“Charlestonian’s as a whole, rejected anyone who indicated they were going to attempt to divide the community. In fact, we showed unity unlike other areas facing the same crimes. We were arm in arm with strangers, black, white, hand in hand, stretched for miles across the bridge. It filled me with pride for our city because we protected it from more hatred and dissension.”

The media’s silence only proves their failure to remain dedicated to the truth in keeping America informed. That begs Americans to wonder what could be the motivating factor for them no longer pushing the narrative of racism. Justice was served in this case because Walter Scott’s killer did not evade the consequences of his excessive force. 

Lastly, the media not being as aggressive to report this new development, could also find itself with closure to a horrible incident in America during the administration of “Making America Great Again.” Is this a stretch? Maybe. It would be great to ask the family of Walter Scott how they feel about the media’s silence.

The media lost their voice regarding this case because the justice system worked. They weren’t expecting that result. At some point, violation of rights becomes more than race and gender, but right being right and wrong being wrong.

Written by Watson Prunier

Battle4Freedom has been the culmination of many things from my life growing up. I'm the oldest of 5 born in NY to Haitian immigrants. I'm a quad but don't know where two of my other siblings are. We grew up in poverty but it helped keep me centered

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