Lanterns: England Has Fallen (Part TWO) The Breach of Peace


England Has Fallen (Part TWO) The Breach of Peace

Who is Tommy Robertson? He is an English Patriot. He was concerned with how England was changing. The Muslim rape culture was one of the things that got his attention a lot. Its Memorial Day Weekend and I just can't help wondering, what did all those English people die for fighting in WW1 and WW2? I question why all those lives were lost. Did they die in vain? I am considering now what has happened to Tommy Robertson.

Tommy Robertson was arrested outside the courthouse after filming a group of 29 men who are on trial for being part of a “Grooming and Rape Gang”. They had been raping women and little girls as young as eleven in the town of Leeds and surrounding area. After ONE hour the British courts judged him guilty. He was sentenced to 13 months in prison. Free Speech is dead in England. 

He was arrested for, “Behavior likely to cause a breach of the Peace” as well as, ”Contempt of Court”. This man was not even allowed his own choice of solicitors! I know this is not America but I thought England had DUE PROCESS? When I was young I remember when this happened in Russia!

England is falling into the realm of unchecked Totalitarianism. If you read 1984 by George Orwell, back in the day you might have laughed thinking it couldn't happen. 1984 has arrived in England. On top of everything else, the Brittish media has a ban on reporting what happened.

It is considered Islamaphobic to ask questions or comment on the Muslim rape epidemic. It  NOW is against the law to talk about it. Tommy Robertson is the proof. He has been hassled for a long time. He has dealt with death threats and been beaten up many times. His life is in grave danger in prison. His death would be a top priority with the prison groups that support the raping of England. These radicals would see him dead. Now the Brittish people live in fear of their government. This is why we left. I question the Queen? She was in the military during WW2.

America is now fighting the very same fight. We fight Socialism, Communism, and the Caliphate. A caliphate is a state under the leadership of an Islamic steward with the title of caliph, a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a leader of the entire Muslim community. The top guy in this group has given a directive. That directive is dismissed by Liberal America. This directive is to divide and conquer the world. I recognize that there are many Muslim people who simply want to live in peace. I am not discussing them.  It is considered extremely bad form for me to discuss this. In England, I would be arrested and put in prison for at least 18 months for just what I have written here. 

I will leave you with this thought. Why have the many men and women of America died serving in the military? ANSWER: They died to protect our country from becoming what England now is. Let their truth sit with you this Memorial Day weekend.


Written by Josie Jackson

Holistic Practitioner who loves the Constitution! I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release (trauma care & PTSD), Aromatherapy, Herbology & Food is Medicine! Tell me about your journey as a patriot! My show is about YOU!

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