Lanterns: Little Pink Houses


Little Pink Houses

by John Frost

Under the American Ideal, the idyllic was once normalcy.

Little Pink Houses
A Conservative Dialectic

Things of the idealistic plane, can and do exist.  Justice, for instance, exists as an ideal.  One that has very profound consequences down here where we dwell.  Social Justice, on the other hand, exists only as a human desire.  Social Justice is an excuse for criminal behavior and nothing more.  Social Justice is an aberration to both justice and normalcy.

The American Ideal with its rights and the Higher Law it holds true, exist on this plane.  They also exist on our material plane.  We can’t read the Law or take away the rights because they are out of our reach.  Justice, truth, the absolute of a circle with no start and no end, all exist on the idealistic plane.  True circles, with no beginning and no end, can only be assumed into being with a directed reach toward the end of a never-ending number, Pi. 
Circles exist.  We will never know one but we incorporate them into every facet of human life... The circle of life, 3rd gear, Marbles... 3-dimensional circles thumbed within a 2-dimensional circle scrawled in the dirt.  Your steering wheel is created on the concept of a circle as are the tires it controls.
Circles surround us...  They are everywhere we look and yet, they do not exist... Not on this plane.

The American Ideal has some of the same qualities as the circle.  It surrounds us.  We can "actually" see "it."  It has a very profound effect, not only on those who see it but on those who don't and hate us because of that.

The Material Plane is mostly nothing spotted with dirt of some kind... We call it matter as if names really matter...  Everything taken from the ideal and inserted into reality, by default, becomes dirty or soiled just by "its nature" which now exists in Nature.  In a religious context, this contamination is known of as sin within the context of humanity, within the worldview of, primarily, Christianity…

This is why good is not found without a determination of it being.  Everything is dirty and unclean in the third dimension.  Without the determination, "good" is nothing but a word like matter, nature, and circle...  Without the ideal, we and everything we know is nothing more than matter that doesn't really matter.

I believe that it is obvious that we matter if only to ourselves. 
Now we've invoked individuality which Western Civilization’s religion and politics presupposes and the American Ideal was created to allow and to conserve.  We seek the good and create it through the act of determination.  There are those who simply deny what to others is obvious.  They seek to deny what is good and replace it with something better.  Something better that for some reason fails its prerequisite of existing.  I wonder why…

Better is not reached with the act of destroying good... I think that should be quite obvious and actually, this act, I believe would be quite arrogant as well.  Better comes with good, not against it.  Better demands a base determined good.  A desert is a desert until someone determines it to be a good place to live.  Better comes with the removal of cactus, which was fine before the determination, in order to build or create a house.  What is not better, or even good for that matter, would be to remove all the cactus from the desert.  This changes the desert that was good into something undefined.  It is now a plane of dirt and probably no longer a place you wish to live. 
I think, maybe, more American effort is needed to conserve the ideal along with what it manifests in Nature.  Our country’s foundations are firmly planted, with hope and faith, in the ideal, not chained to the sands of the secular or material.  This might not only be good or better, but it might be best... Best, like Pi, sits at the end of something that never ends, but with faith in the ideal, these hopeful reaches for improvement, not undefined change, are most proper.

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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