Lanterns: Ideology Over Friendship


Ideology Over Friendship

Ideology Over Friendship

I was blessed to have a large and diverse group of people supporting my campaign for Eaton County Commissioner District 1. It was a long and challenging campaign season and every contribution to my success was appreciated. This included monetary and door knocking support from the sitting chairman of the commission.

Our fifteen member Board of Commissioners, which represents Eaton County constituents, is made up of six Democrats and nine Republicans.  Amongst the nine Republicans, we have what I would consider four Tea Party conservatives and three conservative leaning commissioners, along with two moderate Republicans,  one of whom is the current chairman of the commission. Since we had seven ideologically conservative Republicans and the majority on the board, I wanted a Tea Party conservative as the Chairman.

I enlisted the commitment from the current vice-chair, a Tea Party Conservative that he would indeed accept the nomination to Chairman if I could rally the support. I thought I rallied the support, but as it turned out, when the Republicans caucused two of the gentlemen I had gathered support from, turned on me, and my efforts failed. This exposed my intentions and my actions to the chairman who remained in his seat.  OIY!

Because of my failed attempt, the current chairman is not at all pleased with me. He exuded snarky behavior and petty insults during caucus and board meetings. I was taken off the one committee my heart truly desired and kept off the two most influential committees. I was even labeled a fighter in front of my peers. 

What an honor. You see, to me, serving is not about friendship or ego. I would take any one of these fine commissioners out for a beer or coffee.  This fight is about ideology!

Written by Christine Barnes

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Christine, I wish more people had your integrity. Sadly, too many politicians use their "power" to punish. They want everyone to know his/her place, instead of focusing on solutions and getting things done that would benefit the people who voted them into office.

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