Lanterns: We Don't Have a Gun Problem-- It's Far Bigger!


We Don't Have a Gun Problem-- It's Far Bigger!

It is true that guns are not what is preserving America's liberty.

It is the spirit and soul of the people, and if that is lost, and it appears to be dying, no gun can make America great or free again. Guns are only so much expensive steel, resin, and packing grease that you can never seem to fully get out. They should not be elevated to the status of an idol.

It naturally follows, inversely, that guns are not why America is having problems. You could legally buy machine guns (weapons with strictly automatic fire, which means if you hold the trigger down, it fires nonstop until out of ammo or you melt the barrel) prior to 1932, yet they weren't being used at country concerts.

Even after 1932, so-called “assault rifles” (firearms with the ability to fire in either semi-automatic [one trigger pull = 1 bullet] or burst [3 round]/fully automatic) were legal, yet, there weren’t any school shootings, except the 1966 University of Texas tragedy. True assault rifles are illegal as of 1984. You can only buy strictly semi-automatic firearms (and bolt action too, I guess, if you want to get nitpicky).

The only thing more dangerous than those civilian grenade
launchers we all have is cosmetic bump stocks.


These are outlandish claims made in total ignorance and are not helping anybody. Guns are just expensive paperweights without the will to use them. Europe is gun-free, yet suffers dramatic terrorist incidents. The UK is now trying to seriously campaign against "assault knives." It may be that certain weapons should be restricted to military use (I'm not arguing for recreational nukes), but emotional, militant ignorance as the guideline for laws is a great way to create terrible and detrimental legislation.

This is not to try to take away from or marginalize the victims of the tragedy in Las Vegas.  I understand the desire to want to do something to prevent this, and to ask, “What can we do to learn our lesson so there isn’t a next time?”  That is a reasonable sentiment

It was truly the face of evil that reared its ugly head over that concert.  However, that doesn’t mean we should go on a legislating spree, watering down Constitutional rights in the heat of passion.  We need to keep our heads and look at the root of the problem, and it is a far bigger problem than even the highest caliber machine gun.

We are not suffering from some kind of new inanimate object, we are suffering from some kind of sickness within our society— a great spiritual malaise from abandoning all notion of God, truth, and social stability, in favor of relativism, hedonism, and of madness preached as wisdom which undermines even the very notion of truth or reality. 

We are creating a society of latchkey children, with no moral column that can be leaned upon, and no concrete truths that can be safely relied upon, who then grow up to be isolated, disconnected lost souls, without a sense of community or belonging.  How can we expect people to behave right when nobody is wrong and when moral truth has been banished to the realm of offensive and taboo? 

It is also important to note here that despite our best efforts and no matter how much we try to revive the heart and soul of America or even the entire human race, evil and murder will always be with us. We take what steps we can to mitigate its effects and prevent it when possible, but we need to understand that there is no mechanical solution like banning certain types of stocks on a gun.  There was no obvious cause or motivation, no clear red flags that the authorities failed to act on, regarding Stephen Paddock. We should not create unnecessary overreaching cures that are worse than the problems they attempt to address. 

There will never be a full solution this side of Christ's return.  

Guns can be instruments in crime, but they are not the criminals.  If you want something to blame, then what you're really looking for is guilty intent. When your heart desires wrongdoing, you're already halfway there. Where there is a will, a way will always be found. If people want to address violence of any sort, the first place to look is in the heart of those who desire to commit violence in the first place.  

Written by Joshua Nybo

Christian and veteran, committed to a message of God, unity, tradition, and American principles.

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