Lanterns: The Mother Within


The Mother Within

My prayer and want for you is to feel the love that is celebrated on this day. I hope for you to feel the support you want. My prayer is that you can speak your needs for the support not yet given. Enjoy receiving!

If is just you today, and you are alone, maybe you can lean into the truth of your ability to give life and let go. Many birds have left the nest and are symbols of this rite of passage. Enjoy as they fly strong and free. I celebrate the spirit of creativity that God put inside you in order to be a mother whether you have birthed a child, chose a child, or just loved a child from afar. Whether, you are a Godmother, aunt, or family friend. Take a moment to see how you have touched peoples' lives who aren’t even your birth children. I treasure the memory of these women in my history.

There are as many kinds of relationships with our mothers or mother figures as there are relationships! I have been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful mothers who have taught me so much. I have two mothers. One, who is very much alive. Her vibrancy and charm tickle the fancy of many. My girlfriends love my mother. I have had no choice but to share her as my mother with many, many people.

My Momma will always be a warrior leading the way...I am grateful that now she leads the way on her riding lawn mower safely in her yard. She went with, and stayed alongside her soldiers where ever they had to go. I will always honor her and these warrior mothers for their choice to serve. There were too many times when she was far away from me. I missed her with a deep longing that a daughter has for her mother. My prayer walk grew into a strong skillset while she was away. I am better for it. She led well. I have witnessed the respect and regard her soldiers had for her as a leader. I am proud. She is my Mother, and I am her daughter! As she will be reading this, allow me this luxury… I love you, Momma!

My, other Mother (from my father’s 2nd marriage) is nearing death, and is now in hospice. She is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. My heart feels the loss of this great lady, and I love her so much it hurts sometimes. Her incredible mind and her laser beam search for truth will be noticeably absent in my world.

She was also very involved with her community. Here is the funny part…while my maternal Mother is a strong Conservative, veteran, and physician, the other one was a leader in Community Medicine, a nurse practitioner, and a devout, hard-line Liberal/Democrat of the 60s and 70s. I remember when I first met her. She was just like, “That Girl!”  She just got back from living in Paris after working at the American Hospital when I met her. She asked many questions and listened well. Her delight was in people. She taught me how to be present with people who did not believe as I did. We traveled the world together. I am glad she has no understanding of what has happened to France. It would break her heart.

I am grateful I have these women in my world. I will never forget them sitting on each side of me as I waited to go into major surgery. I'll never, ever forget their loving presence, and how they took care of me afterward.  They showed their character and teamwork ability as they united for a common necessity…my life. I learned so much about them.

These women and others have shown me how to be a mother to many, myself, and my own. I will not forget the women who have lost their children. I can speak through the clarity of this truth. You are the woman you are, in part because, whether your child walks this earth or not, you have learned how to walk this earth since before knowing of them. I believe that we have a spiritual responsibility for the children we have lost. We are still their mothers. How we grow and what we become is important. Even if the journey is separate, for now, the eternal value of this relationship goes far beyond the breath of this life.

Celebrate that YOU are their mother still.


Now it’s time to feed my furry, four-legged’ babies! I am their momma too!

Breathing deep with you and still learning- J.D. Jackson



Written by Josie Jackson

Holistic Practitioner who loves the Constitution! I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release (trauma care & PTSD), Aromatherapy, Herbology & Food is Medicine! Tell me about your journey as a patriot! My show is about YOU!

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