Lanterns: 2 Questions That Will Determine Success or Failure of New Year Resolutions


2 Questions That Will Determine Success or Failure of New Year Resolutions

Are you someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions? Are you someone who is always seeking to better themselves? If so, did you know there are two questions that you will largely define whether you succeed or fail?

As the new year approaches, many people around the world decide to make new year’s resolutions in order to be a better person – the idea is always the same “ New Year, New ME!!!!”

Some of these resolutions are very popular, like losing the weight gained during Christmas & Thanksgiving. Others range from finding a new job to getting married, to simply reading more books. At some point in time, the vast majority of people have, do, or will make such a resolution.

Question 1

Do you believe something better can happen? Do you believe this time will be different?

Sadly many of our friends and family struggle to acknowledge this question, and they don’t believe something better can happen. Many get stuck in ruts and feel they will always fail. We all know the person, who at the start of the year makes these resolutions and promotes them- and they sound GREAT…. The new year hype fills them with positivity.

However, as the holidays end and we return to our normal, everyday lives and routines, it is very easy for that enthusiasm to wane. It is very easy to have a setback, feel bad, and then quit. It is for those reasons that many people forget their resolutions several weeks into the new year. They simply don’t believe something better can happen to them.

If you want proof this is true, look no further than politics in America over the last decade. Our friends on the left felt this way in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected President. He came into power with slogans like, “Yes we can,” "Hope and Change," and “Change we can believe in.”

This helped people believe something different could happen and that tomorrow would be a brighter one. However, our friends on the right were terrified at the prospect of President Obama and the socialist big-government that we have heard so many times before.

This has happened again in 2016, only this time it is reversed. Our friends on the right are happy with the potential of a Donald Trump Presidency, and they now believe something better can happen. Some of our friends fully believe in Trump's slogans like “Make America Great Again.” They are the ones filled with hope and optimism, and now our friends on the left are the ones who are hurt, lost, and scared.

We must remember one critical thing about this question- the answer will be different for everyone and will be based on many different factors including facts, feelings, personal experiences, and beliefs.

Ultimately, YOU have to believe something different can happen. You can have the greatest support system in the world where I believe in you, your family believes in you, and each of use tries to motivate you – but if you don’t believe in yourself, sadly, you will fail!

Question 2

Are you prepared to pay the price and make the sacrifice to meet your goal?

When it comes to choosing a different behavior or lifestyle, we all use a business tool internally called a cost benefit analysis. Companies use these all the time when discussing their business plan. Company X might want to launch into a new territory, launch a new product, or start competing with a different company. They access what they need, their chances of success / failure, the necessary sacrifice, and then they chart a course of action.

 We are no different.

Imagine someone decides to lose some excess weight put on over the Christmas. They want to do it; they need to do it; they believe they can do it…  BUT, are they willing to make the sacrifice? Are they will to got to the gym four / five times a week when they could be spending that time with their friends, their family, their kids, or sitting on the sofa watching the telly.

Society Today

When we look around at society today, we need to acknowledge that many of our friends on BOTH sides of the aisle either don’t feel like something better can happen, or are not willing to make the personal sacrifice for a better tomorrow. That is the reason many people fail at these two hurdles, and have lost the will to dream for a better tomorrow.  I believe each of us has a role to play changing that. I firmly believe each of us is called and born at THIS time for a reason. We may not like it; we may not be happy about it – but we are where we're supposed to be, and we all have a role to play.

We must be part of the generation that steps up to the plate and helps to inspire people that something better can happen.

America’s history is that of making the impossible, possible.

We need to re-ignite the American Dream for EVERYONE!!! We need to encourage and breathe new life into Entrepreneurial Spirit and stand for real God given freedoms.

I KNOW Something About YOU!!!!

There are many who will read this article and listen to the podcast, and I have no idea who you are, and I have never interacted with you. However, whether I know you or not, I know something about each and every one of you. You all have one major thing in common with each other. Each and every one of you, regardless of your age, sex, background, or even who voted for in the last election, has one thing in common: 

You have GREATNESS inside of you.

Each of you has the potential to change the world. Each of you has the potential to do anything you dream of. I don’t know your individual passions or dreams. Some of you reading this may have the next great technological advancement, another may have the cure to cancer, another may one day create a new charity and help empower those less fortunate. Or, maybe, your greatness is to raise a family of kids who are God fearing, freedom loving kids who will always challenge the status quo – Can you think of a more patriotic thing anyone could do?

My Duty

Well, I am not American or based in America yet. So what can I do? While I am limited to what I can do because of my location, I am not limited in my dreams or passion. I know and understand that many of you are struggling right now, and I fully appreciate the difficulty of the situation we find ourselves in. I am going to do everything I can to create written and oral content over the coming weeks and months that put my arms around everyone who is hurting, and I will try to lift you up, and inspire you to get back in this critical battle for freedom.

I will never BS you, nor molly-coddle you. But, I will share YOUR history, and YOUR stories that have inspired me to get more involved in your wonderful nation, because despite everything.

I believe tomorrow is worth fighting for and that with dedication SOMETHING DIFFERENT CAN HAPPEN!!! 

Do YOU????


Above is a column based on a monologue from last week’s Freedoms Disciple podcast. You can listen at the bottom for free or by clicking directly on the links for SoundCloud, iTunes, or Google Play. This podcast is free and available anytime. A new show is released every Saturday @ Noon Eastern.

Written by Jonathon Dunne

Christian Irish lifelong dream of becoming American. Writer, Podcast on Blaze Radio, Public Speaker

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