Lanterns: Who Exactly is Being Judgmental Here?


Who Exactly is Being Judgmental Here?

Greetings to you all. I have been writing at Lanterns for a few months and have made sure to stay away from writing about politics. It’s a hot button issue that tends to get people riled up. Then again, so is religion—Christianity in particular.

As of late, have been called many things, including hateful and judgmental. Why? I have posted on Facebook about people who hide behind God in order to justify sin. Yes, I did center on homosexuality, but sin is sin. All sin is wrong. I also wrote a sermon about it but, don't worry, I won't share it here.

In a way, I am doing life backwards—meaning I am now attending seminary even though I have already been ordained for eleven years. In my studies, I have learned how many people were actually killed for spreading the word of God. The first three centuries of Christianity were filled with pagans killing Christians for refusing to worship pagan Gods. So, when people call me names like hateful and judgmental, it isn't really hurting me.

Let's just look at those words for a minute: hateful and judgmental. For the most part, it is Christians that hae called me those words. I am, however, spreading the word of God. I didn't write the book or make the rules but, as a Clergyman, it is my responsibility to spread the word. These people are shooting the messenger and ignoring the message. When those who say they are true Christians keep living the opposite way God wants us to live, isn't that being hateful of him? When others claims they are worthy because they go to church every Sunday, but totally curse God the rest more the week, isn't that being hateful? 

When people avoid certain sin because they want to appease God, but ignore others because they don't like the fact that he says it's wrong, isn't that being judgmental? Isn't that judging God on something like a sin scale? I agree, we shouldnt kill. But no way is anyone going to tell me not to steal. Right?

Well, God made the rules and they haven't changed. They aren’t negotiable just because one might not agree with what God says about something. No, I am not casting a stone, as I am not without sin, but neither are the ones who are beating up on me, Rev. BK. They do this likely because society has told people that certain things are okay. After all, we aren't living in the third century anymore. Certainly people's thoughts and ideas have changed. All true, but God’s word has not. When Christians try to use God to justify sinning, they aren't honoring him or loving him back; they are being hateful and judgmental of him.

I am not perfect, and am still feeling my way through life and being called to spread the word of God. I cannot sugarcoat it in order to appease some. I have been called hateful, judgemental, and much more. But I am here to say that none of that bothers me, eventhough most people calling me those things are blood family. It’s alright. Neither am I a fake clergyman, here for the highest bidder, telling people God doesn't care anymore or matter anymore. I am here to appease him, not people. 

None of this means I hate anyone. I guess people have a hard time with the concept of loving the sinner, but hating the sin. I am saying that today sin seems to be so socially accepted that places of worship perpetuate that sin. I am not ever going to say God is wrong and ignore his word. That is actually what some churches are doing. They bring certain sin to the forefront, claiming that sin is alright and that nobody should question it. How hateful and judgmental of God those people are. I’m not going to be the one to hide behind God and use him to justify any wrongdoing. Sure, he will still love me but, by repenting, I show him I love him back.

God bless you.

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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