Lanterns: Horses Being Slaughtered For Human Consumption


Horses Being Slaughtered For Human Consumption

 Photo by David Herman

I was unaware that horses were being slaughtered as a delicacy for human consumption until I met Carrie Gobernatz, an editor at HorseBack Magazine. She has been on a mission to save animals of all sorts for a major part of her life. Other than taking verbal action to fight these slaughter farms, she also started a company, Amazing Graces Gourmet Fudge, from which a portion of proceeds goes toward helping rescue animals all over the world.

As an animal lover, I find this practice abhorrent. It amazes me that this practice is "regulated" to supposedly make this more humane and acceptable. Of course, as with any other "regulated" controversial issues, there are violations that are ignored.

Do I have a weak coddled American mind that loves dogs and cats; who can stand and watch a chipmunk come out of a hole and think it is cute? Have I been sheltered from the other parts of the world such as places like China that eat dogs in a celebratory manner?

I met a man the other day and we engaged in conversation. He told me a bit about his life story and mentioned he had over a dozen horses that he had to sell due to a life changing event. He told me about showing his horses and their accomplishments. I thought he must be proud of them and was a lover of horses.

Feeling comfortable, I brought up the topic of how amazing I thought Carrie was for taking on big business of the slaughtering of horses and I was met with a look of disgust. "Well, they can stop us here, but we just ship them to Canada.", he defiantly responded. Then followed that up with "Mexico is pretty bad in how they do it."

Great. It was like this past election, two realistic choices out of four that all could have easily been defeated by Groucho Marx. Being respectful, (unlike drunks and many liberals), I asked him for his opinion on the topic. He went on to tell me that the horses are humanely euthanized. “Oh...What a Relief...”, I thought to myself. "You mean they don't just cut their throats?", I asked. He assured me that doesn't happen, which mad me feel so much better about the whole issue. (Insert my sarcasm here!)

He continued on in his attempt to educate me on why it's not such a bad thing to breed and feed horses for consumption.

The 3 main points of our discussion:  

  • The meat is better for you than cattle. (This may lead to my becoming a vegetarian.) After all, the meat is less fatty and has higher protein. (Health Alert Notice: for those bodybuilders out there that live on chicken)
  • Sick horses are not edible. (Really? Do these people that are willing to eat a horse care if it was sick before they place a piece of its body in their mouths, while in a deep philosophical discussion at a dinner party?)
  • People now abandon their horses. They take the horses they don't want anymore and let them loose on federal land because they don't want to spend their money caring for a sick horse or the care becomes too expensive for the owners.

In my mind, one major option to combat this would be to take away as much of the supply as possible. (I don't mean to sound cruel in calling

We need organizations like Farm Sanctuary to rise up and thrive throughout the nation. Farm Sanctuary buys up farmland that is no longer being used, to produce food and space that can be used to provide life, safety, peace and love. At this time there are only three locations for Farm Sanctuary, two of which are in the threat of succession state California, and the other New York.

I have written to them using their contact form asking them to consider looking into other parts of the country such as the Midwest where there is a great population of animal cruelty and a slew of volunteers biting at the bit (no horse pun intended) to do something.

This cruel injustice will continue on. This is a war of unmarked enemies with people using money for selfish, greedy and evil intentions. It is up to every good person to rise up and work together in peace for the sake of those that cannot protect themselves, or have a voice to save themselves.

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Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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