Lanterns: Are You a "CUCKSERVATIVE"?



I do not believe that Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) is a racist in any way, shape or form. I do believe that MANY of his supporters are in every way, shape and form.

As I began tweeting and posting about my disappointment in Donald Trump not attending the final GOP debate before Iowa, I began to notice the push back and disagreement that I received was first angry and second insulting. I’ve yet to have anyone attempt to disagree with me on an ideological or policy driven basis or even attempt to explain how Trump could hold Bernie Sanders-like positions, currently, and/or Obama-like positions on serious issues as recent as within the last 5 years. Not to mention that over the last 40 years he has basically held EVERY Democratic, liberal-progressive believe that would be considered antithetical to even the most moderate of conservative on the political spectrum.

But as I do when someone on Twitter or Facebook disagrees with me, I like to learn about their beliefs, their worldview, their views on politics and get as much insight to their mindset and thinking as is possible. I truly desire to understand before being understood.

As I dug into people’s profiles, pages, tweets and posts, I started noticing a word that looked partially familiar but not entirely: CUCKSERVATIVE. Very quickly, I learned that this was a dialectical usage of a conservative and one who sells out conservative belief holders. But the users of this word, more times than not, also seemed to hold what superficially seemed, anti-Semitic, racist, nationalistic and almost without exception were Trump supporters. I couldn’t immediately place these people on the left/right political paradigm but soon I was able to see that many were ultra-libertarians, anarchists, secularists, white-nationalists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers, neo-Confederates and American Nazis. Although these people are often placed on the far right, their desire for a strongman who brings in strong leadership, ignoring tradition and fundamental truths of our system of government, these people are anything but conservative and don’t hold any conservative bona fides within movements like the Tea Party.

Which brings me to my latest frustration: Tea Party members supporting Donald Trump. If you claim to be a Tea Party member and Donald Trump’s national populist rhetoric is energizing and invigorating the types of deplorable characters aforementioned and you get behind that sort of candidacy, you make the entire Tea Party movement look like the very thing that we, as leaders of the Tea Party movement and real conservatives, fought hard to refute and even distance ourselves from these kinds of people. The Tea Party movement was not a Trump-like movement, is was a conservative movement. It was a constitutional movement. It was an educational movement.

If you claimed to be for the Founding and the Constitution and now support Donald Trump for President, you will be found responsible for the validated vitriol by the left, the destruction of the GOP, the ushering in of possibly an openly Socialist President and the final nail in the coffin of the United States of America as we have known it.

Cuckservative might be the new hip racial slur for white nationalism, but white nationalism will never be new and should never be made hip. Support for Donald Trump does both.

Written by Trey Roberts

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