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The New Fight

The New Fight Conservatives have always been a feisty bunch. Never ones to be victims, we are just used to fighting. We fight for what we believe in, and what we think is right. We don’t hesitate to call out the cheaters, and those we feel are dishonest and not playing fair. We believe that we fight for the safety and security of our nation, because we firmly believe in the words of Ronald Reagan when he said, “…Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”. 

Now here we are in 2017, and we have a new fight on our hands. In some ways, though, it really isn’t so new. The ingredients are not new, but the mixture is nothing like we have ever seen. We have always fought liberal Democrats. We fought them at the local, state, and federal levels almost since the founding of the nation. 

Conservatives have fought amongst ourselves in the past, as well. Traditionally, it was the country club, blue-blood types who could not tolerate the Bible thumpers protesting abortion. Now we have the Tea Party wing who believes in the purity of the Constitution, and that it should be followed, as such, versus the “establishment.” 

These are the guys that have been in Washington for most of their adult lives, and because of that, they are completely out of touch with the people that sent them there.  They have contempt for their constituents and look down their noses at them. They are also the same crowd who never had the nerve to stand up to Barack Obama or his policies because they were so afraid of being called racists. Their rule of thumb was "go along, to get along." However, they felt entitled to keep their jobs, and indignant when questioned by those who so graciously hired them.

Today, we have all of the same liberal groups that Conservatives have fought in the past over issues and legislation. We have always fought the media, although with the advent of conservative media there has begun to be pushback. However, the new element is that all of these factions have now joined together, after the election of Donald Trump. 

This probably would have happened regardless of which Republican won.  However, liberal's hatred of President Trump has risen to a whole new level.  With the help of chronic protesting, they have vowed to oppose everything that this president and his administration propose and pass. With the assistance of the media who is now willing to lie and distort the truth and create a false narrative, how long until many Americans will buy into this toxic stew of disinformation that these participants attempt to establish?

So what is the answer? 

There may not be a clear-cut one. Most Trump supporters find the fact that Trump pushes back at the media, and calls them what they are refreshing, and want more of it. We have been too nice in the past. If We the people who voted Donald Trump into office want any hope of getting the agenda that we voted for put into place, then some drastic measures may need to take place. We may need to borrow some tactics from the Left. It may be the only response they understand. A favorite word of liberals these days is “resist.” Do conservatives have the stomach to engage in their own brand of resistance? The new fight may require a new brand of warrior.

Written by Becky Noble

I live in St. Louis (GO CARDS!) with my husband Randy and our 50 lb Border Collie Jezzie.

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