Lanterns: Why Can't Americans See The Writng On The Wall?


Why Can't Americans See The Writng On The Wall?


You won't see these reports or videos on the majority of the American mainstream media. They most definately do not fit the narrative they are paid to push.

Lets just dive right in and take a little look at this future world certain people are trying to build here in America at the expense of everyone else's freedom and liberty for generations to come.

Our crystal ball is Europe.

Paris 2018 protests against government oppression through excessive taxes and high living costs but everyone knows that they are protesting globalism. They asked for it, now they regret it.

And lets not forget the forced mass migration of Muslims into the EU countries and the negative effects the indigenous people must endure from this violent culture clash.
Sweden 2018. This quiet little welfare state is now the rape capital of the world due to the forced influx of middle eastern and African migrants. (over 80% of them young men.) It is believed by many in the scientific community that by 2050 if things do not drastically change, Swedes will be a minority in their own country. They will have effectively been replaced with Muslims... by their own government. 

There is a term for this action in ranching, its called seeding the herd. You introduce new bulls into the herd and through breeding we completely change the herds makeup. over just a few generations we can change a Hereford herd into an Angus herd. Its just being done to humans now, not cattle and they call it multiculturalism. Nice huh?

How would you feel if your government served your women and children up as sexual party favors for a culture that promotes and encourages the rape of both, and shows no inclination to stop bringing them in. It will happen here as well if we allow it to. One migrant was quoted as saying that it is his "god given right" to rape Swedish women. This is not one mans belief, it is a cultural belief.



Let go of the delusion, these will be OUR streets and OUR problems if we do not change our path, it is a certainty, not an opinion because in many ways in some cities like Portland Oregon, they already are. The first sparks of our own second civil war being incited by the same people who started the first one when they did not get their way on slavery. Now they are using socialism but at its core slavery and the push for socialism today are all about the same thing. Power and control over the country and its population but most of all, the money which brings the power. America (the world in the end) is to be a modern day plantation and all but the elite will be the modern day slaves. That is the plan and has been since we took away the Democrats last plantation by winning the civil war.


Portland Or. riots. 2018


Is this really the kind of society we want our children to live and grow up in? One devoid of civility where the mob rules and takes what it wants by force and intimidation, anarchy? What it really is, is pure democracy. That is the type of democracy the left wants to protect.

And if you really think that this violence will all stop if we just give them what they want, there are over 100 million dead bodies due to the implementation of Marxism that would tend to argue that point. And remember, no matter how hard the left tries to hide it Fascism and Marxism are two peas in the same leftist pod and always have been. Right along with Nazism that took many of its cues from the American Democratic party's militant arm at the time, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). But it turned out that the Democrats were too severe and ruthless even for the Nazis. The fascists greatest tool or weapon then as with now is to eliminate or criminalize free speech under the paralyzing fear of political correctness. Hate speech.

Is that the type of government we want?

Politicians who scream about protecting our democracy from one face while at the same time their other face screams to deny a whole section of American citizens their freedom of speech. Calling all opposing views to their own, hate speech. Freedom of speech (it is the first amendment for a reason) is the very foundation of the American democratic process. Without it, there is only tyranny.

They then portray the opposition in ways that make them less than they are, sub human if you will. This in turn justifies any foul acts that may be committed against them. At least it justifies it in the minds of the misled masses who have been indoctrinated to see these people (their former friends and families I might add) as less than human. Something to be scorned and ostracized simply for having a different point of view.. Millions who are not indoctrinated follow the herd out of fear. Imprisoned by the identity devouring group think mentality that makes them terrified of being cast out of the collective. 

We need to recognize this for what it is, its called fascism, and we have seen it before. Hitler did the exact same thing to the Jews, and the brainwashed German people just let it happen. Hitler slaughtered 11 million who he deemed unworthy of life, less than human. Pick up a history book printed before 1980 and read it all for yourself.

Why before 1980? Because what is taught today is a revised version of history penned to mislead students into a false narrative about this great nation. It is not the truth.

History does not repeat itself... people repeat history out of a twisted combination of arrogance and ignorance.

The problem is, they are generally too arrogant to admit their ignorance. No matter how hard other people who know the truth try to warn them that they are being lied to.

Rinse and repeat. 

Because of this we are literally watching Europe tear itself apart. Its leaders are betraying its citizens all in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness. (Marxism) They are literally committing cultural and national suicide.

These countries are coming apart because they are repeating history by once again embracing Marxism. The core ideology behind the bastardized versions of socialism and communism that the young people of today have been programed to not only accept, but to bring about "by any means necessary". An ideology founded on conflict and violence using the tactics of fascism to achieve its goal. The end of Western civilization, and the return of slavery.


Here in America we are witnessing this in real time. Well, those of us who are paying attention anyway see it. We are witnessing the people of these countries rising up against the very government they handed all of their individual freedoms over to for "some free stuff" as they realize what a terrible, terrible mistake they have made. 

This is the TRUE revolution.

Now they want those rights and freedoms back and have taken it to the streets in rage trying to get them. So far they are failing and I see little chance of that changing short of civil war. The corruption in those country's governments just runs too deep.

Some of these countries may even end up like Venezuela where former middle class citizens have been reduced to rioting and eating garbage because they are starving to death. All while their leader dined on the most expensive steak in the world not long ago. This is Bernie Sanders style socialism and it did not fail because it was implemented wrong. It failed because it was implemented perfectly. It always fails.




Look guys. There is nothing in this world wrong with being passionate about a cause, or hitting the streets and protesting PEACFULLY for a cause. I have done it myself. Trying to right an injustice or protect the vulnerable is one of the most noble things we as human beings can do. It is what makes us human in the first place, we care about each other. Be it women's rights, gay rights, the environment, or poverty. Fighting for these beliefs and principles is how we bring about change. And we have many successes that we can be proud of.

But there is a problem in todays America.

All of these noble causes have been scooped up and thrown into the big meat grinder that is Marxism over the last few decades. Turning all who support these causes into radicalized weapons for the advancement of not their individual beliefs but the single purpose of advancing the Marxist ideology and agenda.

They may THINK that they are protesting or supporting their individual beliefs and principles but in reality they being used to advance the lefts agenda of destroying this nation based on the most used and longest told lie in human history. You are opressed. Most do not even realize that this is happening to them. If you try to tell them the truth they see it as an attack on their personal beliefs and principles instead of an attempt to warn them that they are being used to destroy their country and unless they are super rich, their own future.

Revolutions are supposed to be about gaining rights and freedoms that do not exist under a tyrannical government. Every Marxist revolution in history has resulted in not freedom, but the deep and horrifying oppression of the people they claimed to be fighting for. Every time.

If you live in America you already have the most freedom and personal liberty of any country in the world so what exactly is it that you are hoping to gain? I mean the only possibility is losing what you already have.

Revolutions are not meant to be a way of relinquishing your rights and freedoms in exchange for oppression where the state has absolute control over every aspect of your lives. Your food, water, health care, job, housing, education, and most importantly, all money are under someone else's control who does not even know you, or care about you at all.

Like everything else about this we have seen it before in Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela etc. etc. etc. Those who hold control over what you may receive can just as easily decide that you receive nothing for any reason and there will be absolutely nothing that you can do about it.

You gave up all of your rights for some free stuff, remember. 

On a final note for my young fellow Americans, who hate my generation by default. I want you to consider something. Most of us that you have been indoctrinated to hate and immediately tune out (so you will not hear the truth) are going to be dead and gone by time this all really starts turning bad, or simply too old to do anything about it.

What motivation do we have to lie to you like your leaders claim we are? I mean think about it. What do we possibly have to gain by it?

The answer is nothing, we are trying to save you from yourselves because right now, at this given time.

The collective needs you to turn away from us because what they know and you don't is that the only thing standing between you guys and the real tyranny, and oppression they have planned once they take control... is us. 


The Ugly Truth Project      ?????? ?? ???   "The writing is on the wall"














Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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