Lanterns: Comey Confirms: There's No Russian Collusion


Comey Confirms: There's No Russian Collusion

The much-anticipated hearing with former FBI Director Comey is finally over after weeks of speculation, innuendo, and outright lies from the main stream media. The expected impeachment of President Donald J Trump is not to be. 

It would appear that the real obstruction of justice came from Loretta Lynch. Comey stated that Trump, in a private setting, asked him to go easy on Flynn. This is an irregularity, and it's not smart; however, it's not a crime. Comey never mentioned a collusion investigation, but he confirmed that Trump was not under investigation.   

Comey clarified that Trump never ordered, nor asked that the Russian investigation slow or go away. The firing of Comey did nothing to change that. 

Comey did confirm that then-Attorney General Lynch, asked him to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a "matter," not an investigation. That shifts the DOJ and the FBI from a nonpartisan investigative division into partisan politics.  This looks more like obstruction of justice by coloring the perception of the investigation. 

This is just the latest round of distraction and defamation of the President to discredit him with the hopes of defeating him in 2020. Four years of obstructionist politics from the Democrats will cost we, the people, dearly. 

This is nothing but another distraction, and as such, the peoples' business isn't getting done.  

Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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