Lanterns: The Best Way to Store Tomatoes is Not How You Think


The Best Way to Store Tomatoes is Not How You Think

With summer in full swing, it’s likely most Americans have a few tomatoes either in the garden or sitting on the counter. But what is the best way to store them? 

Contrary to popular knowledge, it turns out that tomatoes can go in the refrigerator, after all. Thanks to repeated testing in the kitchens at Serious Eatswe now know that it’s best to store tomatoes in the refrigerator if you don’t plan on eating them within the next day or so. Storing a ripe tomato in the refrigerator helps best preserve the tomato’s flavor, provided that you let the tomato return to room temp before eating. 

Not one to leave any stone or tomato unturned, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt also found that tomatoes retain their moisture and flavor better when stored upside-down:

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Why? While the tomato’s skin is excellent at retaining its body’s moisture, moisture does escape through its stem during storage. The result is the all too familiar specimen above at left. Lopez-Alt’s solution is to remove the stem and place tomatoes upside-down on a plate. Do this regardless of whether you’re eating your tomatoes tomorrow or storing them in the fridge for later on. 

Now that your tomatoes are the best tomatoes they can be, give one of these a try. Or read this passionately opinionated manifesto on the BLT at Serious Eats.


Featured image via Pinterest

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