Lanterns: Stop the world and let me off


Stop the world and let me off

I usually take an optimistic approach to things. This time, however, it’s different. I am livid and want to stop the world so I can get off of it. I have heard people for the longest time say that same-sex relationships don’t hurt anybody, but they DO.

I would argue that same-sex marriage hurts the entire meaning of what marriage is meant to be—  a union of a man and a woman under God. This has been bastardized by permitting same-sex “marriages.” That is really nothing though in the scheme of things. I have been saying for many years that there is a certain homosexual agenda out there, and not many have listened. I am now certain I know what a major part of that agenda is. 

The agenda is to twist everything we have all been brought up knowing is normal and right and change what nature dictates no matter how unfeasible or impossible it is.

I am livid tonight that this is happening.

Same-sex “marriage” is one thing, but NOW, the State of Arkansas, and many others to follow like my State of California, are allowing a same-sex couple’s names to BOTH be listed on birth certificates. Who is this hurting? Well, the poor child for one. In this day and age when people are arrested for using the wrong pronoun, and clergy are sued for refusing to perform same sex ceremonies, we now have the homosexual agenda really starting to plant itself firmly in every facet of life.

This is all an abomination and an afront to Christians, as well as God. People will read this and say I need to be all loving and understanding. Wel,l that works both ways. People who continually feel the need to not love God and not understand HIS laws are the very people who want to lecture me about how they think I should live, and are the ones who say what they are doing is all right. It isn’t. 

What will happen next?

The only way this stuff can stop advancing is for the high courts, as well as society to realize what is happening is wrong. In the future, are we going to tell children that two men alone can produce a child or two women without artificial insemination or anything else? That goes against nature and is physically impossible, but tell that to the people who are pushing the agenda.

I want to get off of this world because not only are people bowing to the agenda, but they are embracing it. If Jesus himself came to Earth today, not to end this one and take eveyone to a new Earth, but to simply remind people of God’s laws, the people who perpetuate the gay agenda would ask him whom HE thought he was to impose laws on them, and yes, they would probably try to file a lawsuit against him.

Since I can’t just step off of the world, I have this venue to use to try and bring to light the wrongs that are occuring and what it might all be leading to.

God bless you.

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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