Lanterns: President Trump Set to Address Congress


President Trump Set to Address Congress

President Donald Trump stated that he would feature his signature issues and projects this evening in his first speech to Congress. Health care, immigration, and rebuilding the military are expected to be featured prominently in his address. The prime-time speech is an opportunity to speak directly to lawmakers and the American people without the media filter he has rallied against.

At the annual Governor’s Ball on Sunday night, Trump promised the audience that he would make good on his campaign promise to unveil the plan that replaces Obamacare. “We’re going to be speaking very specifically about a very complicated subject. I think we have something that’s going to be really excellent,” Trump said, foreshadowing talk of the health care legislation in his Tuesday night speech.

On “Fox & Friends,” Trump relayed the chance that military spending would increase by even more than the proposed $54 billion. “We will be having the greatest military we ever had by the time I finish,” Trump said in a taped interview that aired Monday morning.

When asked how he would pay for his pet projects, like a beefed up military and the border wall in the face of his proposed tax cuts, the President replied, “I think the money will come from a revved-up economy.”

President Trump’s speech can be seen tonight at 9 pm EST. Be sure to log on to for analysis of Trump’s first address to Congress.


Written by Traci Belmonte

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