Lanterns: Kellyanne Conway Rejects Feminist Labels


Kellyanne Conway Rejects Feminist Labels

Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to President Trump and the first woman manager to win a presidential campaign, made it clear that she rejects the feminist label. During an interview at CPAC on Thursday she made the following clear: 

“It’s difficult for me to call myself a ‘feminist’ in the classic sense, because it seems to be very anti-male and it certainly is very pro-abortion, in this context, and I am neither anti-male nor pro-abortion.”

Conway instead advocates for an “individual” viewpoint of feminism, saying that she was raised to be a “strong woman” and that she is a product of choices and not a victim of circumstances.

The long time GOP activist stressed the importance of work-life balance stating that “nobody knows your life but you” so don’t listen to what the “naysayers say” because “you know who you are.” She also made it clear that accepting a White House position was not an easy choice as a mother of four young children, but “opportunity does not always knock twice.”

Conway continued to speak on how being a woman in a male-dominated career field isn’t easy, but stressed that women need to speak up for themselves. She explained in anecdote of her early career that she had been asked to speak at an event with another male pollster. She was even asked what she charged for her speaking fee. Never having been paid to for a speaking engagement before, Conway said she “froze” and wasn’t sure how to respond. Instead of backing down and asking a minimal fee she decided to take a line out of a favored film, “When Harry Met Sally, and said “I’ll have what he is having.” Her gumption paid off as she was paid $3500 the same rate as her male counterpart.

Watch the full interview with Kellyanne Conway below:



Written by KE Dean

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