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Shame Me No More

I am about to send my second child to college, and we have been doing our research.  


We are trying to decide what best suits him and his needs.  We have looked at private and Christian colleges, and public universities, both large and small.  We have determined our resources and his goals.  However, during this pursuit, I have found a very disturbing trend-- some universities are making "white shame" classes a mandatory part of their curriculum.

What?!?  Are you kidding me?


There is NO freakin' way am I sending my son, the child I spent 18 years molding and shaping into a hardworking, honest, loving individual, to a school who will strip him of his self-worth.  

What are they trying to accomplish with these classes?  It is not going to make things better.  History will show us that it will just create more division and resentment.  

What has my son ever done to deserve shame?  Nothing.  He did not ask to be born, and he has never asked for a free ride. He will grow up and work hard every day, or he will have nothing.  Nobody will give him a free ride.  If fact, because of affirmative action, and because he is a white male, it will be even harder for him.  

Let’s talk about this thing they are calling my “white privilege.”  


I have the privilege of getting up every morning and waking up five, privileged (grumpy) children.  I have the privilege of getting them out the door and to the bus, driving 30 minutes to get to work, and then putting in my 8 to 10 hour day, of which I only get paid for 7.25 of those hours. I have the privilege of dealing with unhappy people, being told I am not good enough, asked what more I can do, without ever being told "thank you" or "good job."  If that is not enough privilege to see me through the day, I get to go home and have the privilege of cleaning my own house, cooking my own dinner, and if I am lucky, I have the privilege of cleaning up other people's messes.  I will not apologize for these privileges, nor will I hang my head in shame.  

I am proud of myself and have earned everything I have.  I do not feel shame that I have an education; I worked for it. I do not feel shamed that I have a job-- I went out and found one, and I show up every day to make sure I keep one.   I do not feel shamed by my checking account.  I worked hard to save every penny, and I will not apologize for the color of my skin. In fact, I see no reason that I should ever be chastised by the liberal masses that think discrimination against anyone that disagrees with them is a good idea.  I will not feel shame because I am white.  I  am who God made me, and as such, feel no shame. And NO, this does not make me a racist.

As for my "privileged children," they go to school every day.  They do their work.  They have manners and respect for others.  They treat others the way the want to be treated, and if they don’t, I will wear out their “privileged” backsides to remind them of my expectations.  They will grow up, get jobs, and if they have some talent to go with their hard work, they will be able to add to what their father and I will try to give them.  

My sons won’t get a job because of their skin color;  they won’t get scholarships because they are a minority; they will have to achieve these things because of merit.  So NO,  they will not apologize and feel shame because they are white.


Because of my so-called “white privilege,” I pay taxes.  I provide the money for those individuals who don’t understand that privilege comes with hard work and blisters.  They get their free food, free healthcare, and their free phones.  

I can honestly say that my “white privilege” didn’t come with those benefits.  Nothing in my life has been free. What is seen as my white privilege is really the product of my choices. 

There is always a cost, and sometimes it comes in the form of sweat equity.  Their “free” things weren’t really free either.  It cost them their pride, and that is why they need my “shame.”  

Maybe people should try practicing what they preach, and judge me based on my character and not my skin.


Check out Watson Prunier's Podcast “White Privilege Debunked “– Lanterns Radio




Written by Rae Ashcraft

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