Lanterns: Draining the Swamp, a nonpartisan issue


Draining the Swamp, a nonpartisan issue

It’s time to cover some basics of political life in Washington D.C. and a few of the pitfalls that go it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a NeverTrumper or a Trumpster— this isn’t intended to be a debate or argument. We all remember the promise to drain the swamp, and whether or not it actually happens will remain to be seen, and is still well into the future under the best of conditions. Entrenched corruption is like a cancer— if left alone, it will grow, but when you treat it, do it aggressively and get it all, or it may kill you later. The cure can kill you too without the proper care.

You have to use the swamp to drain the swamp because only they truly understand it. First, however,  you need complete control of everything around it. The Obama ideologues in the Whitehouse must go, and the Cabinet’s 1200 appointees need to be approved in the Senate which at this time is incomplete.

As was already stated, those that know and have arguably dominated the swamp must then begin the slow process of dismantling it a piece at a time through policy and procedure changes, legislation, such as curbing lobbyist powers is just a start. Keep in mind if the swamp is to be drained, or if this is one big con job of the American people, the process is the same. We will not even begin to be able to see the signs of success until the next phase in which things start getting shaken up with legal challenges and indictments as the shadows are peeled back to expose the rot of criminality. This is not even touching on the partisan politics of the "Resistance" and the entrenched scum in both parties.

Wherever you stand, for, or against Trump, this will not change, and your ability to see the truth of the matter will not improve before then; however, the truckload of questions and the hundreds of arm chair quarterbacking has already begun. The bottom line for John Q Citizen is to be vigilant throughout while noting the good, and being ever watchful for the bad. Even those who drain the swamp maybe only looking to their interests, and then they to must be found and stopped.  It remains to be seen how many big fish, will be snared, and always the question of when.


Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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