Lanterns: Arizona Rally Calls for Patriots to Unite


Arizona Rally Calls for Patriots to Unite

On Saturday, April 22nd, the United Liberty Coalition held its 1st Annual Unity Rally on the Senate lawn of the Arizona Capital complex. The rally, drew about 200 attendees according to CBS 5 and featured speakers including AZ State Senator Steve Smith (R), AZ State Representative Vince Leach, US Senatorial candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, and Lanterns writer and host of The HollowNet, Matthew Holloway.

Despite 95-degree weather, spirits were high at the Capitol as the speakers and activists called for unity in principles and support for the presidency in light of divisive and even recent violent rallies elsewhere. Security was ever present and though courteous and professional, were a reminder of the dangers posed by political expression in America today. 

Although Trump banners flew in the breeze and many spoke in support of President Trump's policies, the overarching message was clear: We must unify as Americans. Steve Robinson, vice president of Arizona Sons of Liberty Riders said the following:

"We just want to let everyone know that it's time to set our differences aside and come together. We need to unite and we need to get back to being fellow Americans"

His message resonated through many voices, brought together by a common purpose:

"We can unify: left and right, Republicans and Democrats to put our country on the right track." -Dr. Kelli Ward, Candidate for US Senate

Fnd Matt Holloway's speech at the rally on Facebook here.


Photo Credit: United Liberty Coalition

Written by Matthew Holloway

Matt Holloway is a blogger and host presenting Millennial, Constitutional, Conservative commentary on the 21st Century American Republic in an increasingly Progressive, Globalist world. Http://

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