Lanterns: It is God's Will or is it Free Will?


It is God's Will or is it Free Will?

It is God's Will.

Those are four words that cover all parts of life whether things that happen are good or bad. These words seem to be used as a coping mechanism for events in our lives. They are words even uttered by an enemy against another for dominance and eradication.

We ask people to pray for good school exam results, for political pull, or for health issues, to name a few. When the results come back in a positive manner, God is thanked. If not, it's summed up as being It's God's Will. It's like Catch 22 either way...God is the winner (not such a bad deal).

But is all this really God's Will? Doesn't it have anything to do with free will? If we failed the dreaded exam did, we properly prepare for it? If we want a person to be our leader, did we do everything to ensure that, such as voting? If a person develops cancer or diabetes, did it have anything to do with how they ate, smoked, or drank?  If people take over this country is it from the lack of action by us to stop it?

When do we, as humans, created in God's image, accept that it could be that things that happen are of our own decisions of free will given to us by God. He gave us this not as a bonus prize, but because our ancestors sinned. It was a gift of taking action whether it be good or bad.

Yes, praying is a healthy exercise to heal the mind and the body. Stressful events cause processes in our bodies to create harmful toxins. The action of praying is like meditating. It slows the heart, slows breathing, and calms the mind. It gives people hope. Hope is a motivator, but not action.

But what about exercising free will? Do we respect him enough to acknowledge our responsibility to use it wisely? Or will we continue to stumble along hoping, praying, and waiting for God to do his work only to be resigned to this being the End of Times?

I for one, do not believe God would have enlightened a group of men and women to come together and start this great nation only to have it fall apart in less than 300 years. It is up to us on a daily basis to use our God given Free Will to protect and save the USA. It is imperative to take peaceful intelligent action to protect it from political hacks and has-beens that have intentions to destroy it.

Suggestion for Free Will Action: Join the Facebook group: Trumpers Fighting Back Coalition or the MeWe Trumpers Fighting Back CoalitionBoth groups are geared toward bringing people together to use their financial and voting resources to show our presence.


Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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