Lanterns: The Silence of the Lambs


The Silence of the Lambs

I hesitated to use the title of the 1991 horror film because of the mental images which may be induced. Having never seen the film, I assure you that I intend to refer to a completely different scenario. Unfortunately, the result of the silence that I refer to is just as horrible as are the resultant images particularly in the case of abortion. In fact, the movie that most represents the issue of our passivity in the face of national sin is “Sing a Little Louder”:  

Inspired by the true story of an elderly man who in his youth witnessed the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust from the pews of his Church, Sing a Little Louder provides a stunning message for the twenty-first century and a revelation of the genocides that continue to exist today. From the creators of the viral hit Test of Fire, Sing a Little Louder seeks to embrace a culture of life and freedom.

Actually, the lambs that I refer to are the church. According to Psalm 100:3, Christians are “the sheep of His pasture”. In fact, Christians are the lambs that have been silent: including me. As I shared in my last article, “Canceling America”, we are indeed being intimidated into remaining silent on political matters. Several of those that I follow have been censored and/or canceled from social media because of sharing conservative political views. Certain words (i.e. fraud) are repeatedly avoided so that the speakers are not immediately removed from social platforms. The threat has even extended to churches losing their non-profit status.

If you wonder whether I exaggerate, please view the YouTube video included below of Dutch Sheets from “Give Him 15” which explains how the cancel culture scenario is being hoisted onto the church in ways we have not anticipated based on the true meaning of “separation of church and state” in our Bill of Rights:

As a reminder, defines “separation of church and state” as follows:

The principle that government must maintain an attitude of neutrality toward religion. Many view separation of church and state as required by the First Amendment (see also First Amendment). The First Amendment not only allows citizens the freedom to practice any religion of their choice, but also prevents the government from officially recognizing or favoring any religion.


I’ve been writing for and Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives under the motto “We’re here to fix the machine.” Sadly, I must admit that despite the warning that I ended my last article with: “Speak now or forever hold your peace has never meant more than it does today!” I have personally been waiting in the wings hoping for the best since then. I apologize for this and ask that each of our readers join me in taking a stand for religious freedom of expression and a realization that we are called to be salt and light in our nation, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to speak out for those who have no voice.

We have a man in the White House who is taking presidential action that even his church, the Catholic Church, is condemning because of his radical stance on abortion and infanticide, even allowing the sale of baby body parts for research. It is appalling in the extreme! However, the silence of the church, especially those in the pulpits, is potentially more hazardous as explained by Professor Toto, as he pulls back the curtain revealing truth:

Please join me in taking a stand by joining us in Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives and reaching out to your elected representatives. If they are representing you honestly, then be sure to thank them. If they are not, then please let them know that they will not receive your vote in the future. With the recent failure of the Democratic Party to control future elections, they may actually begin to care.

A quote attributed to Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Please, join us in speaking out for righteousness. Let’s pray for God to once again bless America.


Written by Christine Hammett

Abolitionist Arise: Passionately Pro-Life! Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives. Join us!

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