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Warm Weather Concealed Carry

It is the time of the year again for short sleeves and pants.  This brings up the question of how do we conceal a handgun in warmer weather?  There is a saying in the concealed carry world and it goes like this, “one gun, one holster and one way to carry.”  What does this mean?  It means you should have one gun to carry every day, in the same holster, in the same way, all the time, no matter what the season is.

One mistake people make is to change the handgun or the way they carry it.  Some people will change the location of the handgun on their body.  For instance, during the winter, they carry a full-size handgun on their strong side hip.  Then when spring comes around, they change the location of their carry gun to a shoulder carry or fanny pack carry.  

Why is this a bad idea?  The body learns movements by muscle memory, so just as winter is almost over, your body has become comfortable and you've learned how to draw the handgun out of the holster.  Now if you switch it up, and your body has to relearn how to draw the handgun from a different position.  

Another bad idea is to change the handgun itself.  Some people carry a  full-size handgun in the winter and then when spring comes around, they change to a more compact handgun. This is a bad idea because the full-size handgun will feel and point differently than the smaller size handgun.  Also, as you draw the gun and aim, your body has learned how to do this through muscle memory.  So, when you change the handgun, your aim will be off until your body has relearned how to aim the handgun.  

What is the best way to concealed carry your handgun in warm weather?  First, it's important to choose a handgun gun that you can carry concealed in any season.  So, if you are going out to buy a new handgun during the winter months for concealed carry, just keep in mind the warmer months ahead.  Also, look for a handgun holster that is conformable and is concealable under your spring and summer clothing.  So what kind of holster?  Try and inside and outside the waistband holsters if the seller will allow you to.  

Consider your clothing during the spring and summer.  You might want to wear a shirt that is one size larger than you normally wear.  I normally wear a large shirt, but when I buy my cover garment shirts, I buy an x-large.  One of my favorite shirts to wear as a cover garment is a Hawaiian shirt.  They are loose fitting and very comfortable, and can keep you cool on those hotter days of the year.  They do not stick out in a crowd, and more people are wearing these shirts for those reasons.  These options are great for the strong side carry but what about the other ways to carry if you don’t carry this way.

What are some other options to carry a handgun during the four seasons? Here is a Youtube on how to carry in the warmer months.

These options are great for the strong side carry but what about the other ways to carry if you don’t carry this way.

First, is the tried and true pocket carry. These handguns are the size of your hand and have low ammo capacity, and are in what is called sub calibers like 32 acp or 380 acp.  Next, they can be heavy on the recoil and have a short sight radius. These handguns are easy to conceal and can be concealed in the same way in all four seasons.

Second is the shoulder carry.  This carry allows the carry of any size handgun from the full size to the smaller size and it is a comfortable way to carry all day.  Just remember that your cover garment has to be a button up or zip up front because it is very hard to draw from under a pullover shirt.  There is a precaution to this carry--  your muzzle is pointed either at you or at someone else all the time, so you must take care when drawing the handgun out from the holster so you do not cover yourself.

Third, is the ankle carry which means carrying the handgun on your ankle and is covered by your pants.  This carry would not allow you to wear shorts in the summer.  Also, it will limit the size of your handgun to be more like in the size of pocket carry size.  Another downside is walking anywhere outside from snow on the ground to mud, your handgun many get dirty or wet.  It's important to wear this holster around your house for a while until you get used to having a handgun around your ankle.  It will feel weird to have a one pound weight on one ankle and not the other.  Also, pay attention to the way you walk also, you may drag or act like you have a heavy weight on one leg and not the other.

Spring is here and we still need to carry a handgun for protection. Remember,  “one gun, one holster, one way to carry 365 days 24-7.”

Curt Andrews
A Second Amendment Advocate



Written by Curt Andrews

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