Lanterns: Pray, Laugh, Love: Be Inspiring!


Pray, Laugh, Love: Be Inspiring!

For this last article of the week, I decided to focus on a few things. First, I really want to thank everyone at Lanterns. They are an amazing group of people that I am hardly worthy to be involved with. I have never encountered a group of people so dedicated to what they do. Keep up the great job. 

Secondly, I told my clergy friend and mentor that I had committed myself to write an article a day for this week. He asked if I was talented enough to do it. All I could do was laugh, at first. After thinking about it, I told him I didn't know if I was or not. He then prayed for me. 

Never underestimate the power of prayer. 

I have seen it help in so many things. You may think that God doesn't answer, but he does. It might not be the answer we want or expect but, it's an answer. I am not perfect by any means, and look what they did to the only guy who WAS.  I do try my best to live the best way I can. I am human and have to deal with a lot of things that most of us do. This is why I do my fair share of praying. I try to pray not just for me but, for others, as well.

Too much hate is going around today. Everyone seems to want what he or she wants, regardless of the costs. The thing that we forget is it isn't about all the stuff. It's about God, spreading his word, and walking with him. 

Many times people misquote, “Money is the root of all evil.” Actually, money isn't, evil, but the LOVE of it is. That is putting something before God. It's all right to have money, and people shouldn't be ashamed of it. The trick is using some of it to help others. 

I have written a lot about God this week, and I will continue to do so, and I hope that my messages haven't fallen on deaf ears. I hope that I have inspired at least one person to open a Bible and at least read a passage or even maybe pray more or even for the first time. I also hope I have made the ones who call themselves Christians take a look at themselves, (me included), and make sure we are still doing what is in line with God. 

I also hope that anyone who has read anything posted on this site and liked it, will share the site with others. The people on the team are great people, wonderful writers, and broadcasters. 

Please help the site grow. Thank you, and God bless you.

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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I have really enjoyed your posts this week. I hope that you continue to write and inspire people to turn to God. Philippians 4:13King James Version (KJV) 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Thank you Heather.

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