Lanterns: The Obama Spying Scandal Just Got Bigger


The Obama Spying Scandal Just Got Bigger

In an interview yesterday with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, Senator Rand Paul claimed the Obama administration had been spying on him through the intelligence services as well as during the time he was a candidate for President in the last national election. What is more, he also stated that he had personally spoken to another Senator who was also a candidate for President that claimed to have been spied on under the Obama surveillance teams. Bartiromo asked Rand Paul if he could release which candidate that was, but he declined to do so stating that it was “up to the candidate when he would reveal this information.”

There were two Senators besides Rand Paul who were also candidates for the Presidency: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Time will tell, which one it was. If you ask my opinion, there is a good chance all of them were being investigated by the Obama administration, trying to find dirt that could be used against them in the national runoff should they have won the Republican ticket.

Folks, the lid on the can of worms is being pried open. When asked in front of the Intelligence Committee meeting, former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper said that to his recollection he ordered the unmasking of only one person. He declined to say who that person was in a public setting. He did not, however, say how many had been under surveillance.

It seems to me, the audacity of Progressives to ignore Constitutional boundaries has no bounds. The use of our intelligence sources to further their Progressive political agenda through spying on their political opponents, who by the way are American citizens is an unmitigated overreach of the power of the Executive Branch. 

In this broken world we live in, the wheels of justice may grind slow, but in the end, they grind fine. There is an axiomatic truth in this world that is universal--  we shall reap what we sow. The time is coming when they shall reap the whirlwind.

Written by Henry Patino

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