Lanterns: Hospital Healthcare Scams


Hospital Healthcare Scams

One of the things that have been made crystal clear with the healthcare business is that regardless of which political party touches it, there is plenty of money to be had, seemingly all of it from us to them.

Here is yet another way they are able to make that happen. It's unfortunate that elected officials lack this level of can-do spirit on behalf of their constituents. Let's talk super monopolies, or as they refer to them as mega-hospitals. Sounds like top notch care doesn't it, but it means top notch profits for the upper-level executives, and in some cases, doctors. Upper-level administrators top 6 figures without any problem.

Think back to the Clinton administration; besides the military base closures that crushed some local economies that depended on the bases, we had the attempt at healthcare reform so we know the money was already being spread around, even though HillaryCare never got off the ground. That did not stop the major national competitors in the industry from going from figuratively knife fighting each other to tongue kissing in public and merging all their networks together until we had only a few super sized providers.

We call those monopolies.

Thousands of hospital employees lost their jobs with those mergings, but that cash cow was just starting. One of the central figures in this was now Florida Republican Governor, Rick Scott. He was the former chairman of one of the big hospital networks (HCA) that cut things too fine, and after multiple lawsuits, (fraud), he was forced out, but not without a $10 million dollar settlement and $300 million in company stocks. Not many people can make a firing pay so handsomely, I wager.

Super monopolies and insurer's control market pricing and raise premiums without fear of competition, something many are all too familiar with under Obamacare. No one argues with a $250 or $500 dollar co-pay at the emergency room.

Yet another scam is on materials. We know about pharmaceuticals, but this is the other side, like gauze bandages, cost a few buck at the store.  However, in the hospital, even though they purchase these items in bulk, a single bandage can cost you $50-75 dollars or more, and the items they charge you for are in the hundreds. All of it is clear profit.

Doctors are in on this mess too. Some doctors receive partnerships in these networks for referrals to the networks. Doctors also cross refer patients to each other's networks to increase their profits and also keep patients as an inpatient longer than necessary to increase the profits as well. No matter that it can also increase the possibility of infection to the immune system, which becomes compromised. There is a buck to be made after all.

The names are numerous and the scams a plenty, and these are just a few. If there was honesty in advertising their slogans would be: "Healthcare that cares." Psst... about its bottom line. "Our specialty is (milking) you." The last one is frankly because my disgust for this greed can take no more tonight is "The power to heal--" for a price, of course.

Perhaps tomorrow I can talk about how the insurance companies rake you over the coals. That is if I don't suddenly need to go to the hospital first, then all bets are off.

Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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